Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived by a ravine in the Dominican Republic. She loved to write, to teach, and to monetize…EVERYTHING!

She created her first business when she was 7 years old, was a book worm (even though she had never owned a book), and increased in wisdom, not so much in stature, and more in favor with God than man. (Luke 2:52)

Upon surviving poverty, tragedies, and several near death experiences, witnessing marvelous miracles, and was fully covered in blessings, she traveled to the United States, and met the one she thought to be her prince. They were married on the island, then she moved to his faraway land in 2001 to “live happily ever after.”  She was blessed with two little girls… the kind you couldn’t even create with a magic wand.  But one night, she found that the prince was long gone, and with him… maybe her dream of having a Royal Family.

The single princess mom worked hard long hours to provide for her family, and she thought she could so she did. But her heart’s desire was to give her special little princesses more than presents: presence!

Soon, God revealed 5 principles she could use to create a magic life, so she quit her job and became a mompreneur! And because princess moms are usually dreamers, life-long learners, and conscious creators, she decided to homeschool, too. For eight years, the three princesses lived happy with just each other in their kingdom.

And then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a handsome, gentle, and loving royal prince, having escaped from wicked wizards, sorcerers, and dragons, visited the royal palace. He conquered their heart, and soon the king and queen vowed undying love for each other and became married in 2012.  In 2013, they welcomed the most precious and dreamy royal baby and became a Royal Family beyond the queen’s dreams.

And the petite queen mom continues to write, and teach, and to monetize everything, while they all make a difference in the world, and she helps those royal princess moms who don’t yet know what their royalty is worth, and teaching them to become mompreneurs, positive moms, and motivated women that raise their kids in a magic world.

We’re happy to report that the Royal Family is living their Happily Ever After in an enchanted little castle as you read this story… and their story has NO END…