As a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer, personally trained by my mentor and friend, Jay Conrad Levinson (The Father of Guerrilla Marketing), and in an effort to help others duplicate my success, I created the Guerrilla Positioning System ™ (G.P.S.).

Guerrilla Positioning System GPS by Elayna Fernandez ~ Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer

My Proven, Practical, Purposeful 7-P S.Y.S.T.E.M. helped me go from desolate, clueless, and broke, to 6 figure earning passionate loving-life mompreneur in just a little over a year, while working a 40+hr J-O-B and raising two toddlers. I will be your Success Guide to help you to create, increase, and maintain CREDIBILITY, VISIBILITY, and PROFITABILITY in your business through:

The Positive Mom list #1Purpose ~ Determining your WHY is step one to starting a successful and sustainable business. Discovering your passions will help you start with the end in mind so you can stay motivated, deeply fulfilled and HAPPY along the way:  Living YOUR Passions 🙂 We will get started with The Passion Test and then dig deeper into unquestionable CLARITY.

The Positive Mom list #2Process ~ After the WHY comes the WHAT… I am a believer of processes, product suites, and proven formulas that Save You Sanity Time Energy and Money. I will guide you through designing a blueprint on how you will PACKAGE your knowledge, your skills, your talent… so you can MONETIZE your passions, by turning your passions into your paycheck, while keeping BALANCED as a mommy!

The Positive Mom list #3Platform ~ Branding is NOT for cows!  We will collaborate to strategize and create your brand Image, Communication, and Culture so you can create a consistent personal brand that is memorable, consistent, profitable both online and offline.  What are you saying from your stage? Who’s listening? Who’s investing? How is it impacting their lives? These steps are all about RADIATING your passions, and elevating your Impact, Influence, and Income.

The Positive Mom list #4Publishing ~ Being an Author makes you an AUTHORity in your field. It is the number one tool to increase your credibility, especially when you work at home. From your idea to the eyes of your readers, I can be your guide each step of the journey! Writing a book is easier than you think and, together, we can get it done in just a few hours.  learn more…

The Positive Mom list #5Public Speaking ~ As a paid international keynote speaker, mentored by Les Brown and other renowned leaders, I can attest to the power of this amazing marketing tool and how you can leverage it to achieve your goals, without sacrificing your family. I will support you in your path with the tips and STRATEGIC tools and templates you need to get massive results speaking from the stage. We will design your speaker one sheet, signature presentation, your speaking fees, and more! You will love speaking because of the leverage it will bring to maximize your profits. Learn more…

The Positive Mom list #6Press ~ I consider the media one of your key audiences and teach you exactly what you can do to attract its attention. Mommies are media magnets, and when you’re a featured expert, your visibility, credibility, and profitability skyrocket…practically overnight! Let’s do this!

The Positive Mom list #7 Partnership ~ No man is an island… and it takes a village to raise a child, or build a business. Attracting fusion partners is a core aspect of Guerrilla Marketing that will dramatically transform your business… and your life! Are you curious? I will teach you the simple secrets you need to know and help you put together the system to make it happen – I love being a techie!

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