Journey to Joy: inspiring stories of women who follow their hearts to live in a space of joyThere are as many paths to joy as there are women. The Journey To Joy book features Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM and 34 other courageous and inspiring women, who share their stories of transformation through finding their passion, building relationships, shifting their health and well-being, and awakening their spirits.

The stories reveal the authors’ sometimes less-than-ideal circumstances, emotional pain, and hard-fought battles—including loss, abuse, neglect, lack of connection, self-esteem issues and more—to their current state of being, which is one of living purposeful, joyful, empowered and rich lives.

The Positive Mom’s story is one of navigating through the experience of a painful divorce into designing a Fairy Tale Life will inspire you to live joyfully ever after!

By reading the uplifting Journey To Joy book, you will enjoy, celebrate and discover your own joy through touching, intimate, heartfelt, true stories of women who found true joy and freedom through a leap of faith into uncharted waters and stepping out of their comfort to learn life lessons that help them find their way on the path to each of their unique, sometimes messy, journeys.

Some of the Lessons and Wisdom You Will Discover In The Journey To Joy Book are:

  • Dedicating yourself to your life’s purpose is a gift to the world
  • Healing from unspeakable tragedy comes with many gifts
  • You attract who you are, not what you want
  • Financial abundance doesn’t bring joy; emotional abundance does
  • Angels are all around you; all you need do is call on them
  • How to live life and even thrive after the loss of a loved one
  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear
  • Rays of sunshine are ever-present – even behind the clouds
  • Creativity lives in each of us and we can consciously awaken it
  • Forgiveness forges its’ own path to love and joy
  • You were born worthy and deserving of great good
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Your story is so inspiring! I am motivated by hearing stories like yours just to be reminded that joy can come from any situation… And most any crisis… is temporary. We can seize the opportunity to build strength, character, and  joy as we endure.” ~ M.M.