YOU Are An Inspiration!

Besides blogging, I share my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and all over social media platforms, reaching thousands daily with my words.  As a motivational speaker, I have told my life stories to rooms full of amazing individuals with a story of their own.

  • Don’t you get tired of talking about yourself?
  • Don’t you think this is self-serving, egocentric, and narcissistic? 
  • Do you need to speak of your success to feel successful?

Yes, I have been asked these actual questions. The reason is clear:  (or maybe not) throughout my life, so many people have inspired me beyond belief and I feel compelled to pay it forward.

I finished high school when I was 15, worked two jobs for a while and then moved to the capital to start college and live on my own. I lived in crazy conditions and sometimes I had to walk several miles and hours to school because I lacked money for transportation. Some days, I would go through 6 classes with only a piece of fruit in my stomach.

My Literature Professor, Ana Dolores de Datt, took quite an interest in me. She pushed me a lot in all 3 classes and motivated me to become a better writer.

On the last day of the last class, she said she would love to celebrate the fact that I had aced her classes —  she was known for not giving anyone an A — she wanted to take me out to the Philharmonic Center and introduce me to her husband and family.

You are an inspiration! El Rinoceronte - Scott Alexander - Rhinoceros Success book recommended by The Positive MomI was SO honored! It was the first live performance I had ever seen. We went to see her gorgeous home. It was decorated with pieces she collected in her world travels. She told me how I could have the same lifestyle by continuing to put in effort and having a positive mindset.

She gave me the book   Rhinoceros Success ~ Scott Alexander  — El Rinoceronte, in Spanish — and dedicated it to me, saying in 23 years of teaching, I was her most amazing student!!!!

That night, Ana Dolores de Datt changed my life. I was never the same again. I have been unstoppable like a Rhino ever since. This experience inspired me throughout my struggling college years and “El Rinoceronte” is still one of my favorite books , which I have shared with my daughters. I believe my inspiring Professor’s legacy will live on for many generations.   She did not have to be a motivational speaker to inspire me or motivate me.  Neither do you!

You are an inspiration to others. 

You are an unique being with unique experiences.

You can change someone else’s life for the better.

You are an inspiration!  by The Positive MOM

Like Ana Dolores de Datt was to me, you can:

  1. Be an example to others. 
  2. Show  others you care.
  3. Share your success stories.
  4. Gift a book.
  5. Be a listener.
  6. Challenge someone to be better.
  7. Do it consistently, even if it isn’t politically correct!

Whether in person, by phone or 140 characters at a time, your words matter! Someone can be uplifted by your words today. Someone can use your ears.

Talk about yourself. Be an inspiration today.
It’s the message, NOT the messenger!

Elayna Fernandez - Author - 
Speaker - Success Guide to Moms and Mompreneurs
© Elayna Fernández ~ The Positive MOM

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6 thoughts on “YOU Are An Inspiration!

  1. Many times in my life I have seen and experienced the same life changing things happen that you describe Elayna.

    One was my son, Allen, when he was 7 he was selected to be the Big Bad Wolf in a school play. Mrs. Peterson his teacher saw great potential in him. I wonder if she knew then what a difference it would make in Allen’s life. Times were difficult for us as a family and Allen had been cut down, mentally belittled and put in his place by his step father for several years and you could see it affected Allen in his actions. Mrs Peterson told me later that she could see what a self esteem booster it would be for him and it paid off. Allen owns his own company now and is very confident. Thank you Mrs. Peterson for picking him out a crowd and nurturing him to greatness.

    As for me, it’s funny you use that book as an example. 5 years ago I was going through some difficult business challenges and was ready to quit. A motivational speaker gifted me the same “Rhino” book so that I could hang on and get strong armor to allow me to keep on keepin on. It worked and I have since passed the book along also.

    Thank you Elayna for the memories and a reminder of who cares for us and why our caring is so important to others. I have had great mentors in my life that have helped guide me to tremendous success and I offer my time to others to chart a course of success for them as well.

    Nancy Sustersic ~ TidbitsbyNancy

  2. Oh how I pray for those moments where I am able to make such a difference in one life.

    While I know there are many Ana Dolores de Datt’s in the world – it only takes one to change a life forever. Be alert, value those around you, look for hearts hungry to learn and grow and take the time – the genuine interest – to be that one person in someones life that changes everything.

    <3 I had an Ana in my life, someone who saw me different than anyone in my family. Someone, who saw possibilities even I didn't see. Powerful stuff!

    How I pray I will be that for others.

    Be Blessed,

    Heidi Marsh

  3. Of a real, motivating story cannot be stopped from being shared. It becomes new everyday for new souls. We must lift other people spirit. You are amazing.

  4. My seventh grade math teacher encouraged me to run for student council president in middle school. She believed in me and wanted me to run for the position. Because of her belief, I did run and I earned the student council vice president position for the following year. I must say to have a teacher believe in and encourage me increased my confidence for future leadership roles.

    Thank you for the post and for all that you do to uplift others, Elayna.

    All the best,


  5. remember those days like yesterday and i can say i have not met anyone as much determination as you i like to tell stories of things that i have lived because the expiriences were amazing and rewarding. in the end i kept in my memory everything that had happened in my life and i look back with nostalgia and gratitude in spite of any difficult moments pass,never exchange my life for nothing.and i know you think like me. thanks for talk about yourself !

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