“I had been blogging only a few weeks when I fortuitously met Elayna. I knew by this time I had bigger dreams for my book than a blog, but had no idea how to more effectively write my book, or get it to publication. It took only a few meetings with Elayna to begin to get some clarity and direction. I commissioned her as my business coach, and she helped me learn there was potentially more to realizing my dream than just writing my story. In less than a year I have progressed from a novice blogger with barely an outline of a book, to having the manuscript ready to submit to my editor. With Elayna’s help I have developed three speeches ready to present as keynote speeches, and I am developing my coaching skills by offering group coaching sessions. I have found her to be authentic and honest in her advice and thoughtful comments and suggestions. Elayna knows her craft and is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and reach their fullest potential. I am confident you will not be disappointed if you choose to have Elayna work with you.” ~ Betty Taylor

After being in business for 10 years and having the same logo and colors it was time to get a fresh new look for my brand. Hiring Elayna was the best decision to help me create an updated image with an entire new website, colors and marketing materials. With her expertise on what works, wish I would have hired her years ago!” ~ Pam Goodwin

“I’ve known Elayna for many years and have followed her online career since the very beginning when she started The Positive Mom. Although we lost touch for a few years, I was still seeing her amazing journey as a coach, success guide and influencer.  In the meantime, I started to walk my own path in social media with a blog that turned into a brand and children’s book. I had been working on it for five years with some success but not being able to translate that into a real income that would allow me to earn my living by working in what I love. I found myself stuck, not knowing what to do next, and losing motivation. I had started my blog, like many others, not really having a strategy or a clear vision. I learned and evolved as I went, and even though that worked for a little while, it didn’t really translate into what I needed. That’s when it hit me. I had to work with Elayna and learn how she managed to be a successful mompreneur while working on something she was passionate about. We reconnected and she recommended I’d take The Passion Test so I could get crystal clear on what my passions were and could start building not only a business, but also a lifestyle that I love. Once I hired Elayna as my coach and started her GPS training I saw the difference in the approach, as every step of the way is planned and we are building something with a solid foundation. Having her guidance to work on my e-book has been so valuable as her insight and perspective are always on point. As an entrepreneur I like to invest money on services that can really add to the growth of my business. Working with Elayna has proven to be a very valuable investment as I’m seeing the results since the early stages of this process. So far, I have been able to create a brand that is more aligned with my passions and expertise, are on the late stages of finishing my first non-fiction e-book, have prepared speeches to be ready for speaking engagement and there is still more work to do. I know that this training will come to an end, but I also know that I will definitely continue to have her as my business coach to guide me on the next steps of my career. Elayna is a very talented, professional, and strategic visionary. Her coaching skills paired with her genuine passion for helping women achieve their dreams and financial goals are the best asset an entrepreneur can have. I can’t recommend her enough as her talents and ability to transform your ideas into a full-fleshed business are amazing. Deciding to work with Elayna is one investment you’ll be glad you made. I know you will be impressed.” ~ Dania Santana

I mentor moms like you on a regular basis to say goodbye to mommy guilt, struggle, and overwhelm as they embark on a journey toward breakthrough and transformation, to start living a POSITIVE life filled with JOY, BALANCE, and SUCCESS on YOUR own terms! Here are the Top 5 Ways we can partner:

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I blog twice a week and pour my heart out about motherhood, mompreneurship, and motivation (I call it MOMtivation hehe) and my approach is holistic, positive, and faith based. I CAPITALIZE words I like, and I overuse , quotation marks“, ¡exclamation points! and the color purpleSubscribe here…

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