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Praise For Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

I love the Chinese proverb “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Incredible joy comes from those who are appreciative of my efforts to share my God-given knowledge and skills to provide value, trusting it will serve them and improve their business and lifestyle. My mission is to help them elevate their income, influence, and impact!

I am extremely grateful for these kind words, which highly inspire me and motivate me to continue on this path.

Thank YOU!

“I had been blogging only a few weeks when I fortuitously met Elayna. I knew by this time I had bigger dreams for my book than a blog, but had no idea how to more effectively write my book, or get it to publication. It took only a few meetings with Elayna to begin to get some clarity and direction. I commissioned her as my business coach, and she helped me learn there was potentially more to realizing my dream than just writing my story. In less than a year I have progressed from a novice blogger with barely an outline of a book, to having the manuscript ready to submit to my editor. With Elayna’s help I have developed three speeches ready to present as keynote speeches, and I am developing my coaching skills by offering group coaching sessions. I have found her to be authentic and honest in her advice and thoughtful comments and suggestions. Elayna knows her craft and is passionate about helping others realize their dreams and reach their fullest potential. I am confident you will not be disappointed if you choose to have Elayna work with you.” ~ Betty Taylor

“After being in business for 10 years and having the same logo and colors it was time to get a fresh new look for my brand. Hiring Elayna was the best decision to help me create an updated image with an entire new website, colors and marketing materials. With her expertise on what works, wish I would have hired her years ago!” ~ Pam Goodwin

“I’ve known Elayna for many years and have followed her online career since the very beginning when she started The Positive Mom. Although we lost touch for a few years, I was still seeing her amazing journey as a coach, success guide and influencer.  In the meantime, I started to walk my own path in social media with a blog that turned into a brand and children’s book. I had been working on it for five years with some success but not being able to translate that into a real income that would allow me to earn my living by working in what I love. I found myself stuck, not knowing what to do next, and losing motivation. I had started my blog, like many others, not really having a strategy or a clear vision. I learned and evolved as I went, and even though that worked for a little while, it didn’t really translate into what I needed. That’s when it hit me. I had to work with Elayna and learn how she managed to be a successful mompreneur while working on something she was passionate about. We reconnected and she recommended I’d take The Passion Test so I could get crystal clear on what my passions were and could start building not only a business, but also a lifestyle that I love. Once I hired Elayna as my coach and started her GPS training I saw the difference in the approach, as every step of the way is planned and we are building something with a solid foundation. Having her guidance to work on my e-book has been so valuable as her insight and perspective are always on point. As an entrepreneur I like to invest money on services that can really add to the growth of my business. Working with Elayna has proven to be a very valuable investment as I’m seeing the results since the early stages of this process. So far, I have been able to create a brand that is more aligned with my passions and expertise, are on the late stages of finishing my first non-fiction e-book, have prepared speeches to be ready for speaking engagement and there is still more work to do. I know that this training will come to an end, but I also know that I will definitely continue to have her as my business coach to guide me on the next steps of my career. Elayna is a very talented, professional, and strategic visionary. Her coaching skills paired with her genuine passion for helping women achieve their dreams and financial goals are the best asset an entrepreneur can have. I can’t recommend her enough as her talents and ability to transform your ideas into a full-fleshed business are amazing. Deciding to work with Elayna is one investment you’ll be glad you made. I know you will be impressed.” ~ Dania Santana

I met Elayna at a business conference and was instantly drawn to her great spirit and positive smile 🙂 I decided to work with her as my mentor and consultant to grow personally and professionally.

In all my life I’ve never gone through a process, such as “The Passion Test”, that have me laser-clarity of my passions, purpose, and business goals, and to develop systems to monetize what I love doing through her G.P.S. program! I highly recommend her as a Success Guide, Consultant, and Speaker!!!

Thanks infinity Elayna! ~ Jerica Glasper, Entrepreneur and Self-Improvement Enthusiast

“Elayna Fernandez is a powerful communicator, educator and entrepreneur. Her business savvy combined with her social media and marketing skills are essential to my success.” ~ David Boufford, aka; Mr. Positive, Author, Marketer

“Elayna is such a pleasure to work with and an expert on website design and the details it takes to make your company stand out above the competition! I’ve worked with Elayna for two years and have been thrilled with her attention to detail and the value added benefits she offers to her clients. I highly recommend Elayna for not only website design but for her talents to handle building, training and implementation of blogging, which is definitely the way to go today to get your company’s name notice. Let Elayna do the hard work…so you can keep your job simple. Thank you Elayna!” ~ Nancy Sustersic

“Elayna has a heart to help anyone who needs a bit of guidance to get their mind “back on track” towards their family relationships or work relationships. She has a soft approach that goes straight to the heart of those needing positive support in their lives. She has worked with women who are starting their lives over, to give them hope and a direction to focus on to get to a new successful life. I have been amazed over and over with all she has accomplished. Elayna is the mother of two bright and personable little girls. It is because of them that she came up with the idea of a MOMtivation; to share positive parenting skills and positive life skills with other moms (and some dads) around the world”. ~ Joanne Hartman

“Elayna is energy and creativity personified! Her calm spirit and infectious smile make working with her a dream. She is diligent, loyal and self-motivated. Her people skills are only exceeded by her knowledge of making social media work effectively and efficiently. You will never go wrong asking Elayna for help, NEVER!” ~ Bruce R. Barbour, Literary Agent

“There are very few people I would trust with helping me improve my online marketing, but Elayna Fernandez is one I would. I have found her to be: • very creative • very knowledge • a great listener • not pushy, but willing to listen to your ideas and then balance them with creativeness. You can’t go wrong with having her as a mentor/coach for your online needs.” ~ Richard Flint – Speaker, Author

“Elayna Fernandez is a powerful, dynamic, and inspiring, Speaker. Her knowledge and expertise on Social Media is second to none. If you are looking for future success in achieving your marketing goals – book Elayna!” ~ Sharon Grace, Author, Speaker, Children Safety Advocate

“I studied social media with Elayna at SMU. She volunteered to head a mastermind group. For several weeks she helped her fellow students with her extensive knowledge and experience, and she did it all for free. Besides that she was an inspiration to work with due to her sweet personality, her patience, her ability to make everyone feel welcome and at ease. Elayna combines professionalism with a great human touch which makes it a pleasure to work with her.” ~ Shama Kern, Entrepreneur @ Spirit of Thailand

“I learned some great tips and tools from Elayna to take my social media to ANOTHER LEVEL.” ~ AmondaRose Igoe, Author, Speaker, Trainer

“Elayna is a great teacher and a kind person. She makes learning fun. What a winning combination for a teacher! She gets an A+++ in my book.” ~ Connie Hope, Author

“I think Elayna is a wonderful enthusiastic teacher, knows her stuff , presents it well, does not run out of energy and I will miss her dearly.” ~ Herta De Turris

“Elayna came in and laid out a cohesive plan, which began with her re-skinning all of our social sites (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) and even creating dynamic professional email signatures with links to our various websites and resources. She coached my team in the art of creating positive conversation on Facebook where we now answer any customer concerns with honesty and clarity. We now have overwhelmingly positive customer perception and it shows up in our reviews. Thank you Elayna!” ~ Joe Alter – Yowza Fitness

“Elayna is great in everything she does. She is very helpful, a good friend, great mom,great listener, great teacher. I respect Elayna for being so strong and making the right decisions for her family. Her impact in my life has been tremendous.” ~ Ovidiu Lovin, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“When I took Elayna’s Google Tools class, I was grateful to become more skilled at the many applications I can utilize to make my job simpler. She instructed all the students well and answered all questions thoroughly. Taking her class led to asking her to re-design 2 company websites for us and we are very pleased with the improved client navigation and overall presentations. Thank you Elayna!” ~ Stephanie Orlikoff, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Elayna exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with her work. She is a joy to work with, so talented, creative and professional, and we highly recommend her to others.” ~ Chris and Carolynn Tomin, Business Owners

“It was terrific to learn about the power of social media that will help promote my new business. Thanks to Elayna I will be able to focus my efforts correctly from the beginning. She is very personable, energetic and an expert in her field. What a great ‘welcome back’ to school for me with Elayna as a teacher.” ~ Beth McMahon, Naples FL

“Elayna is talented and enthusiastic. Most importantly, Elayna cares about each and every student. She gives freely of her knowledge with joy and makes all feel special.” ~ Linda Friedman, Naples FL

“I have learned so much from Elayna Fernandez’s classes–Blogging for Business and Social Media 101. Blogging ideas from Elayna’s classes have dramatically improved my ranking in Google for my business, The Crystal Pineapple. I no longer have to pay Google for ranking, so this has saved me a lot of money. Taking these classes has led me to develop my new blog ‘Killing Our Kids’ on WordPress. This is a new venture for me but I have already had great results. Could not be happier with Elayna’s teaching and ideas. She is a great teacher and loaded with information.” ~ Barbara Pogorelc, Business Owner and Blogger

“By implementing what I have learned I have given my business MORE EXPOSURE. Elayna is a wonderful teacher.” ~ Lynn Wilber, Entrepreneur

“I have benefited greatly. The information from the classes has helped grow my business and helped me keep up with changing technology that did not exist when I was in school. I’ve generated many customers through Facebook marketing and my company blog, which were set up in her class.I highly recommend anyone to take classes offered by Elayna Fernandez.” ~ Dave Horton, Graphic Designer

“Outstanding advice, easy to learn and retain the information. Elayna gave me the big picture, along with important details one needs to make one’s website a search engine leader. She helped me take a concept and make those ideas a reality. I recommend Elayna to many of my friends because I believe she can help others turn dreams into reality.” ~ Rob Glessner, Blogger

“Elayna, What a professional job you have done. I can imagine the tremendous amount of time you have spent putting all the information together in these handouts and the course. So well written. You are an excellent teacher and so motivated. Thanks for the experience.” ~ Pat Hoagland, Business Owner

“As my blogging teacher, Elayna opened a whole new world for me. Her knowledge and insight in the world of technology is just so amazing. It is a rare find to meet a self-made woman who has the smarts and a heart of gold. Best of all she is a super mom who just loves her girls. Elayna is so Special…” ~ Irene Ruzzo, Entrepreneur, Blogger

“Elayna, Your help was invaluable.” ~ Nancy Colodny, Entrepreneur

“Thank you for the excellent instruction across a spectrum of social media sites. It was interesting, educational, and very helpful” ~ Wayne Falbey, Business Professional

“You really inspire me and cause me to learn. God has blessed you with a special gift and I am so very blessed to be your learning student.” ~ Sandy Wamble, Blogger, Entrepreneur

“Elayna is fantastic. Elayna removed the curtain and opened up a new world!” ~ J.T., Independent Contractor

“You are a good teacher and an amazing person.” ~ Betty Andrews, Business Professional

“Elayna is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, friendly and understanding of the span of adult instructional needs. Her interest in her students and willingness to help reaches far beyond the classroom. I enjoyed her class, learned lots, appreciated her positive attitude and treatment of all individuals.” ~ Norma Reheis, Business Professional

“I found her to be a good instructor easy to understand. I loved the tools she gave me to succeed in my business. Elayna inspires self confidence.” ~ Demos Kukeas, Entrepreneur

“She teaches in an effortless and charming way, but keeps a serious eye on making expected progress. Technophobes, forget about your fears.” ~ Inga Mathura, Business Owner

“I have taken various classes with Elayna and loved every minute. The knowledge I’ve learned is invaluable, and her fantastic personality makes the class fun. I was delighted how easy it was to get started and the savings were substantial.I look forward to taking additional classes.” ~ Mary Beth Garafola, Small Business Owner

“Elayna, we need 3 of you! I will recommend you to everyone I interact with.” ~ Donald Snyder, Entrepreneur

“I learned soooo much, she is a sweetheart – lots of info in that little lady!! I’ll never look at websites the same way again!” ~ Rizzie Hartmann, Business Owner

“This class is a must for the business blogger. Books may cover the basics but for up to date must-do’s Elayna has it down and then some. Excellent!” ~ Gordon Campbell, Professional Photographer

“I have been to other classes in the past but have never come away with as much knowledge and understanding of a topic….” ~ Agnes Tabor, Entrepreneur

“I had no idea that there was so much more you can do with social media. Elayna has a knack of simplifying the jargon and explain how to effectively market on the web through social networking.” ~ Laura Rosen, Business Professional

“Elayna Fernandez an amazing speaker. No matter the subject, she tells a riveting story. I have heard her on subjects as varied as her amazing life story, to using internet to grow small business. Every time I hear her I am at the edge of my seat wanting more information. She is amazing!” ~ Chandra Carr, Painter

“Great class really amazing how much I have learn in such a short time.” ~ Richard Martin, Business Professional

“I thought it would cost an arm and a leg to get a writing career off the ground, but Elayna is very reasonable. Elayna was the genius behind the web design, choosing colors, titles, helping to organize the chapters of my e-book and upcoming novel. She made the concept of my website a reality, and showed me how to manage the site. I met Elayna in March and by May the site and e-book were up.” ~ Shivanie Saith, Author, Educator

“Elayna knows her material extremely well and presents it in a very understandable manner. She is highly intelligent, industrious, humorous, and is more than willing to assist any student with questions or problems related to the work at hand. Elayna is a mother, teacher, activist, author, and excellent business woman. I highly commend her efforts and sincerely hope our paths cross again. It is wonderful to come across such a wonderful person of integrity, graciousness and dignity.” ~ Rev. Dr. Paul D. Wolkovits, Pastoral Counselor and Spiritual Director

“My company’s first-class website is attractive, user friendly and informative. Elayna made it very easy to understand the aspects of a web-site design and worked with me on making the right and, sometimes, difficult decisions. I highly recommend Elayna and will continue to work with her company for future endeavors.” ~ Leo Williams, Business Owner

“Elayna is an excellent marketing strategist and social media advisor. She has helped me in my business to market my interior design firm and to determine where to put both money and time to get the best results.” ~ Linda Burke

“I have known Elayna for several years and I have never met a more devoted, honest, client oriented person in my life. Everything she does, is finished in time with a higher quality than you’d expect. I would recommend Elayna to anyone that is looking for high quality, reliability, creativity and absolute devotion.” ~ Jorg Rademaker, Marketing coordinator, Ocean Optics

“Elayna Fernandez is not only an incredible professional Branding/Marketing Strategist but also a fantastic speaker, author, teacher, and all around wonderful person. I highly recommend her to assist you in achieving your marking goals; you will be delighted by the results. Elayna Fernández is also a wonderful mom of two beautiful girls. Recognizing how a positive and encouraging environment can change a child for good, she created a network for mothers called Positive Mommies network. This network gives the opportunity for mothers to come together in order to share positive, motivating, and empowering ideas to one another with the goal of helping their children succeed. This network, as a father of a nine-year-old daughter, has personally blessed me as I learn from others who are part of this positive encouraging network.” ~ RJ R., Speaker – Author – Coach – Trainer, Motivational Leadership Institute™

“I have had the pleasure of talking to Elayna on a business level many times and found her to be a very detailed person that puts a great deal of thought into every project she commits to. I also have found her to be very passionate about her work which is rare in this day and age. I feel very comfortable in recommending Elayna for anyone that is looking for a true professional to work with.” ~ George Tallabas, Entrepreneur

“Elayna’s zest for life, learning and sharing with others is amazing! Her creativity and presentation of ideas catches your attention and holds your interest. She seems to excel in many areas of life and is a strong example of ambition and a desire to succeed. I highly recommend Elayna!” ~ Debbie Hutchins, Entrepreneur

“When it comes to social media marketing, Elayna Fernandez has a great deal of helpful knowledge and experience. What distinguishes her from most people is her continuous enthusiasm for the job at hand.” ~ Frank Girard, Entrepreneur

“Elayna developed my website for my prior spa. Her work is incredible and I was so very fortunate to have her as apart of my operations team.” ~ Sheri Lewis, Mompreneur

“Elayna love working with individuals that need a professional to assist in marketing their services and creating a powerful consistent brand. She will always do right by you.” ~ Casey Dubler, Business Owner

“Elayna is very artistic, she has a wonderful talent and I am very pleased with her work. She is one of a kind.” ~ Tammy Lewis

“Worked with Elayna Fernandez on a collaborated project. I find her very customer friendly with excellent analytical skills to address customer issues. I wish her all the best in all of her endeavors and look forward to work with her again in future.” ~ Ritesh Patel, Web Programmer

“Elayna is one remarkable young lady. The first thing that will grab you is her smile…as you talk with her, you will discover that the smile is a pipeline from her huge heart. I meet her at a Les Brown event and if you need help, she can provide services in – all branding aspects: from business name to forms, stationary, direct mailing, printed collateral and web marketing to e-flyers, e-signatures, blogging and network marketing. She can bring you to the next level!” ~ Ken Surritte, Philantrophist and Entrepreneur

“I would hire Elayna to work for me in whatever business we were in. Her dedication, positive attitude and basic work ethic are terrific. She would be a big asset to any office. As a Marketing Director she is Excellent. Her computer skills are extensive. Her ideas are always fresh and inventive. She is ALWAYS trying to better herself and increase business for the company and those around her. I would hire her first without hesitation.” ~ Mark Minervini

“Elayna is the consummate professional. Calm, she sees a problem and immediately begins to seek solutions. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she is someone who delivers! My association with Elayna, has been a pleasure.” ~ Richard Smith

“I can’t say enough good things about Elayna. Not only is she incredibly creative and intelligent, but she is one of the most trustworthy people I know. She has great ideas that have helped me a lot in my business. She’s wonderful to work with and is truly a great person in every way! She definitely knows her stuff!!!” ~ Mindy Sylvester

“Elayna is a hard working person with excellent people skills, she is also kind of a perfectionist, with her there aren’t gray areas, which makes her 100% reliable, also another part of her is her vivid and jolly personality, which makes her a great team player.” ~ Jaime Valenzuela, Business Professional

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