The Highlights of my Childhood

Oh the weekend! No school for the children, sleeping in, the joy, the togetherness…

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One day, we got up late and made pancakes. The girls love helping out in the kitchen. We sat on the couch to read stories.

The girls brought some favorite books, while I picked up a magazine. They had a bit of disappointment on their faces. I said… “Let me tell you a wonderful story, so you can understand why I want to read this magazine to you”.

“Once upon a time there was a family with 3 kids; 2 girls and a boy. They were quite poor and lived in a very poor neighborhood. They usually got clothes once a year on Christmas, and toys once a year on “The Three Kings Day” . They usually got the same toy every year, because they were the cheapest. Soon it got boring to play with the same toy. The youngest of the 3 was a creative girl of a great imagination and she kept herself entertained.

The older two had lots of interests in common and were adventurous and eager to learn, so they would go “find treasures” at the nearby ravine, located directly behind their home, where the “rich” people would dump their trash.

Oh the things they found and collected! It was so entertaining, and interesting, and fun! It was also educational. The biggest treasure they could ever find was a bunch of magazines, it seemed like a new one was thrown out each month. They looked forward to all the activities and to “reading” them. They were in English and they only spoke Spanish, yet, they managed to understand the most they could.

These magazines helped them learn so much and gave them the confidence and desire to learn another language. They eventually did. The brother is the smartest person I know and the sister is your mom.”

‘Highlights for Children’ is the magazine my brother and I found in the trash. We called it “Ick-Lits” because we didn’t know how to pronounce the name.

I am very thankful for the opportunity I had to find those magazines in the trash and for the opportunity to read them to my children, as well as use them as a teaching tool in our homeschooling activities. They love them as much as their uncle and I did and it continues to be a “Highlight” for me.

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16 thoughts on “The Highlights of my Childhood

  1. what a lovely way to spend weekend. it is good as early as a young age, you were able to instill the love for books and reading to your daughters. may they continue to be fine young ladies

  2. what a nice way to share something from your childhood with your girls. I loved going to the dr’s so I could read the Highlights magazine too

  3. I remember these magazines…they were always in the doctor’s offices that I went to, so I got a chance to read them there. We never had any magazine subscriptions coming to our house when I was younger…nowadays, they are practically giving them away.

  4. This is a very heartfelt story! I use to read highlights when I was younger and they are in my children’s doctor’s office. Thanks for reminding me how good those magazines were so I could pick some up for my children.

    Thank you so much Elayna! You have such a beautiful spirit.

  5. I loved your story.Brings true that someone else’ s garbage is someone else’s treasure!
    I buy Highlights for my girls because I remember loving them when I was a kid too! Lots of learning inside them!

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