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How to Draw Scratch from The Ghost and Molly McGee

Today we’re going to learn how to draw Scratch from The Ghost and Molly McGee! Yay!

My daughters and I had the amazing opportunity to screen the upcoming November 6th episode of this Disney Channel series and to learn how to draw Scratch from Character Designer Karl Cruz himself.

This is really meaningful for us because we are OBSESSED with this animated musical series, and after interviewing the cast, we are IN LOVE with this show and all it stands for. It’s enjoyable for the whole family and it has many guaranteed laughs and positive lessons for everyone.

It was an honor and a ton of fun to do this as a family, and my daughters couldn’t contain their joy. Eliana wants to be an animator and Elyssa is already an illustrator and filmmaker!

I’m so happy Elyssa wanted to pass it on and put together a tutorial for your family to enjoy, as you get excited for another season of The Ghost and Molly McGee, available each Saturday on Disney Channel and on Disney+ and the Disney NOW App.

But first, let’s talk about Scratch!

Scratch, The Ghost

Scratch is a grumpy ghost who has put on a spell on Molly McGee -a very positive, altruistic, and optimistic 13-year-old girl- with his forever presence. He now considers that he cursed himself with becoming Molly’s “best friend for all eternity.”

As a ghost, his mission is to scare people so that joy decreases and misery increases, but he has a soft side and it’s actually really tender to see!

As a ghost, Scratch seems to have 4th wall awareness and has very cool powers that make him a very fun character and make the animation of Scratch very creative and innovative:

  • Scratch can become invisible to people, but he is visible to animals.
  • He can move through solid objects and people (intangibility).
  • Scratch has the power of levitation, since he is usually hovering off the ground and can also fly.
  • Shapeshifting is one of the coolest powers that makes for incredible animation in the show – Scratch can manipulate his shape at will!
  • Scratch can also regenerate his body quickly and easily.
  • Another one of Scratch’s super powers is elasticity. His limbs and body can stretch beyond normal.
  • Scratch can put a spell or curse on anyone of his choice.
  • Our favorite ghost can posess people and inanimate objects.
  • Scratch is unharmed by poisonous substances (invulnerability).
  • We’ve seen Scratch move people and objects without touching them, so it seems he has the gift of telekinesis.
  • One of the coolest things Scratch does is he opens portals that he creates to travel to the ghost world.

So now that we know all about Scratch, let’s draw him!

Let’s Draw Scratch The Ghost

This is a step by step tutorial with step by step instructions on how to draw Scratch from The Ghost and Molly McGee. Let’s sktech Scratch! (note to self: don’t ever try to say that outloud).

Pro tip: Draw lightly so you can easily erase any part of the drawing necessary.

Start with a rounded square, kind of like a marshmallow. Scratch’s body is like a blob, and all his features are rounded.

Draw a T within the shape.

His left arm will be on his waist, so draw two lines outward.

Draw two lines back toward his body, but don’t draw them too close.

Use a C shape for his hand.

Draw two lines for his fingers.

Now moving on…

Scratch’s right side arm will be waving hello.

Draw two diagonal lines upward from his side.

Draw four fingers on his hand. His fingers are stocky, but still keep the edges rounded. Add a palm line in the middle of his hand.

Next, start working on the three bumps that are at the bottom of his body. One of these has a point and is more dramatic, the other two are smooth.

Start at his hand on his waist, and go from there. When you’re done, bring up that line all the way to his waving hand on the right.

On the top left side of Scratch’s head, there’s a dip that you can draw in. Make sure to use the line guide you already have from your initial outline of his body. Bring that same line down to his arm for a cleaner look.

Next you’re going to draw in Scratch’s snazzy hair!

These “bangs” consist of two blobs, one small and one big. The smaller one is behind the bigger one.

Add definition to the line from the hair, and connect it down to Scratch’s waving arm.

Scratch’s eyebrows are raised on his forehead, so draw those in just below the hair. They consist of one downward curved line.

Below the eyebrows, draw two small circles for Scratch’s eyeballs. Draw in two dots for his pupils.

Scratch’s eyes are yellow with small black pupils.

In between the two eyes, draw a nose in the shape of a teardrop. Scratch’s nose is light blue, just like his exterior.

Draw circles around Scratch’s eyes (you’ll fill these in later).

Scratch has wrinkles beneath his eyes.

To start with these, draw two sets of dots beneath each eye. The first set should have four dots, the second set will have three.

Connect the dots!

Next comes Scratch’s big mouth – it’s in the shape of a wide U or a slice of watermelon. Draw right through the nose if you must. You can always erase it later.

Scratch has several green teeth in his mouth. Two on the top right, one on the top left, one on the bottom right and one on the bottom left. Draw his tongue on the right side of his mouth. The line will finish in the center of Scratch’s mouth.

Add Scratch’s double chin, just under his mouth.

Fill in Scratch’s mouth and eye circles.

Make sure to erase all the imperfections, smudges, or light sketches from before. Don’t worry if you get some of the finished product off with the eraser.

Go over all the final lines and marks of the sketch with your pencil using bold strokes. Remove anything you deem unnecessary.

And there you go! You’ve successfully learned how to draw Scratch from The Ghost and Molly McGee.

Isn’t he fun? I’m so grateful for this experience!

Thank you to Kristin and Disney Channel PR for inviting my family to meet and greet the cast, learn how to draw Scratch, and for all the yummy vegan goodies in the mail!

Are you ready to draw scratch? If you have any questions or want to share your drawing tips with us below!

Elayna Fernandez - Bestselling Author - 
Transformational Trainer and Keynote Speaker - Mentor to Mom Entrepreneurs

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