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Stepping Into Balance

Stop Wishing and Start Taking Action!

If you’re anything like the moms I mentor, you’ve found yourself frustrated, resentful, worn out, overwhelmed, defeated, and maybe even depressed. It seems that most mompreneurs wonder how to balance working with motherhood and how to deal with the never-ending juggling act.

With a seemingly bottomless Cinderella-sized to-do list, you feel like the chores are never done, and the numbers don’t really add up the way you expect them to, even with all the sleepless nights. You wonder if there is really a light at the end of the mom tunnel…and a secret to this balancing act.

  • Imagine how your daily life might feel if you felt empowered, productive, and accomplished, instead of feeling like you’ve done so much and accomplished nothing!
  • Imagine what it might be like to embrace, find, and reclaim the joy in motherhood without the guilt, resentment, and the draining pressure of unrealistic expectations and timelines.
  • What would it feel to be able to boldly and courageously harness all your creative energy, your success drive, and your talents to create a profitable business and fulfill your dreams?

If any of this brings you relief, then you’re in the right place!

I believe that BALANCE is not a MYTH, it’s a MISCONCEPTION. And it is ATTAINABLE for you!

Despite what you hear out there, you really CAN have it ALL!

You can create the life you always dreamed of, aligned with YOUR personal destiny when you Learn SPECIFIC Ways To Design a BALANCED LIFE centered on your passions, the loves of your life.

You were not born to play small, to live broke and broken ~ You were masterfully designed and deliberately destined for greatness.

When you participate in the Stepping Into BALANCE virtual camp, you will be Equipped, Empowered, and Encouraged to:

  • Finally win the constant battle with your clock, your calendar, and your schedule
  • Stop feeling tired all day and dreading frustrating items in your to-do list
  • Start generating more income while still having time to connect and BE PRESENT with the people, the places, and the activities you love
  • Give yourself permission to take off the mask, drop the image, and BE YOU!
  • Find out what is keeping you stuck and how to breakthrough to success
  • Stop setting yourself up for failure, sabotaging yourself, and start working less, making more, and doing more of what you love!
  • Get real answers around focus, perfectionism, procrastination, support, control, boundaries, and allowing our fears dictate our outcomes.
  • Slay the innerbully’s dialogue around the “too late” – “not good enough” – “who am I to…?” and other limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks.
  • Align your life with your priorities, passions, and values… and LIVE Your PURPOSE!

…and much more!!!

Stepping Into BALANCE

A 12-Week Virtual Camp to Find JOY, BALANCE, and SUCCESS on Your Own Terms!

Stepping Into BALANCE is a twelve week virtual camp for mompreneurs of all ages and stages to get clear on your vision, eliminate what holds you back, and outline exactly how to create Patterns, Practices, and Processes that support you in Choosing To Live With Passion, Significance, and Success, Guided by Your Purpose.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Only about $8 a week!!!

As you progress through Stepping Into BALANCE, you will:

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOMHave a deep understanding of Elayna’s B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Formula, outlining Elayna’s 7 steps to having it ALL without losing your head, so you can consciously design a life you love and balance work, play, and family time. ($97 value)

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOMLearning about The Passion Test, and get clear about your Top 5 Passions, your vision, your values, your priorities, so you can align with your true purpose.

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOMDiscover tools, tips, and techniques to live your passions, get your needs met, and your deep desires manifested, while truly enjoying motherhood, without guilt, struggle, and overwhelm.

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOMDeeply, intimately, and authentically connect with me, yourself, and a few other selected moms in a sacred safe space who are facing the same challenges and seeking the same answers, support, and encouragement to achieve their personal goals.

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

Develop “Your Life Blueprint Kit” so you can be equipped, encouraged, and empowered to continued success, sanity, and support on your motherhood and mompreneurship journeys.

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

Learn Elayna’s Guerrilla Positioning System to work less, make more, and create a profitable, credible, visible brand around your passions.

… and much more!

What moms are saying about Stepping Into BALANCE

“There was a lot of value in the course and full of great advice and pointers. It helps with clarity, focus, direction, and awareness.” ~ Aida Rojas

The Passion Test - Focus | Clarity | Purpose

“This course gave me daily inspiration, motivation, and a sense of direction with balancing my family and business life. I have been able to develop a blue print for my life based on my values, passions and purpose. I have processes in place to guide me and to reference when I feel my life or business becoming un-BALANCED. This process has totally transformed my emotional state, mindset, how I spend my time, and what I will ultimately choose to do to bless others with my God given gifts.” ~ Jerica Glasper

Focus | Clarity | Purpose - The Passion Test

“Stepping Into Balance is a course that we women need. We want to know WHY we are drawn to certain things, WHY we feel the way we feel, WHY we are stuck and WHY we need to move forward. Stepping into Balance is not a ‘follow 1,2,3 and you will be successful’, Stepping Into Balance is a program that makes you reflect within and find your reason why. Then, with knowing why, you have the necessary tools and exercises to help overcome hurdles and help you move forward.” ~ Neyssa Jump

The Passion Test - Focus | Clarity | Purpose

“Stepping Into Balance provides real clarity and it prompts you towards change. It makes you see the possibilities of changing your life around with doing small changes every day that will make a big difference in your life overall”. ~ Dania Santana

Focus | Clarity | Purpose - The Passion Test

I am so pleased to have taken the time to participate in the Stepping Into Balance virtual camp. I was able to learn on how to keep myself aligned to my purpose. I highly recommend for moms to take this course if at any moment, they’ve felt lost in their lives or even if they have a clear idea on what to do, and just need help on taking the next step.” Janette Alcala

The Passion Test - Focus | Clarity | Purpose

“Elayna gives you the roadmap and thought- provoking self-assessing tools to guide you along your personal path of self-discovery.” ~ Annie Farr

Stepping Into BALANCE is for mompreneurs who need support, encouragement, and accountability on their journey. This is how the camp works:

  • You will instantly receive a list of Preliminary Steps (Pre-Steps) as soon as you click Enroll. (You can get started right now!!!)
  • We will kick off with a 30 minute one-on-one phone call before the camp start date so I can become familiar with what you want to personally get out of the program, because I care about and am committed to your results.
  • You will start receiving four e-mails a week at 5 a.m. CST, beginning on the start day (Monday – Thursday). The messages will contain information, instruction, and inspiration so you can start each day with focus, awareness, and intention.
  • Each week, we will address a different aspect of motherhood and mompreneurship, so that you can conquer your fear, anxiety, or stress around that issue.
  • You will have access to a weekly discovery form and detailed action-sheets to guide you through the process.
  • We will gather on twelve group accountability calls during our 90 days together. The Conference Calls will take place on Fridays at 8PM CST, 9PM EST. Each session will be recorded for your convenience so that you can listen later if the time or date does not work for you.
  • We will connect regularly with each other in our private Facebook forum, sharing our challenges, answer your questions directly, and supporting one another.
  • We will conclude our time together with a special group call for support group members to discuss and plan your next steps.


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