A few days ago, I had the privilege of speaking at The Niche Parent Conference for bloggers, which took place in Orlando, Florida, at the happiest place on Earth. Yes, you guessed it: Walt Disney World.

My topic was How To Have It ALL Without Losing Your Head, of course. My mission is to equip, empower, and encourage moms to elevate their impact, income, and influence, and this is only possible through having a balanced life.

Needless to say, I was super excited to share my BALANCE Formula with some amazing blogger moms that became friends by the end of the 90 minutes we shared together.

One of the concepts that truly resonated with the ladies in my session is that I explained that while many think that balance is an unattainable goal, or a concept that is placed alongside with fairies and unicorns… Some say that balance is simply integration, or harmony, or contrast… but they are not synonyms in the day-to-day application.

“Truth be told, the idea of everything being in balance on a daily basis is a myth.” – Dave Ramsey

Is balance a myth? My response:


We are fed a distorted image of what balanced is supposed to look like, sound like, or taste like. A “balanced” mom does not exist, because it is not something that you check off a to-do list. Balance is something you consciously design, as you navigate the mom journey you’re on.


And then there’s the controversy of HAVING IT ALL.  What I say to that is:

BALANCE is not about Having IT ALL;

it is about Enjoying ALL that MATTERS!

I firmly believe that YOU can have all that is meaningful to you. One size does not fit all and we don’t all have the same dreams, desires, or destiny.

Balance is not about having it all, it's about enjoying all that matters - Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM quote

As you decide to step into BALANCE, you will attain the JOY and SUCCESS you are meant to experience in this life. You can:

Become who YOU were created to BE!

Avoid stress, overwhelm, inertia, procrastination, and self-doubt

Live passionately, purposely, and with enthusiasm

Attract ideal partnerships, possibilities, and opportunities

Nurture, strengthen, and transform your relationships

Create massive holistic success on your own terms

Engage ONLY in what makes you come alive!  …

Sound good? It truly lights me up to be able to teach these life-changing amazing moms all over the planet. What a blessing to be invited to The Niche Parent Conference – simply a must-attend for any serious -yet fun- blogger!

Our family on the state Luisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida state lines on our way to Niche Parent to teach BALANCE

Since we drove from Texas to Florida , I will leave you with an analogy that will help you make sense of my thoughts and my quotes above:

Your journey will be smoother when your tires are aligned, but you don’t align them just once and you’re done. As you go long distances, drive through various seasons, and navigate different roads, sometimes really rough ones, and even go through the occasional crash, you will need more balancing… so you can be ALIGNED for your journey.

Elayna Fernandez - Author - 
Speaker - Success Guide to Moms and Mompreneurs
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84 thoughts on “Is BALANCE A Myth?

  1. Making lists and keeping calendars help me keep things into balance and sometimes or a lot of times, you just gotta tell people and family no.

    • It was so great meeting you. I have a long recap due. It was such an amazing experience… and yes, the signs were a lot of fun. We didn’t know there was a welcome center for Florida so we went through quite an adventure to pose by the first sign. I’m not doing that one again LOL

  2. I agree we all need to find balance. I also agree it is not always a choice though. I have a schedule I follow daily being a work at home mom and – life happens and the balance/schedule go out the window. You have to just roll with it sometimes or you will fail.

  3. I agree. There are plenty of misconceptions about balance. Some moms simply don’t give themselves time to downshift and detox. We coming about not having balance and then we want to do everything at home and outside the home. I’m a big proponent of delegate, delegate, delegate! It’s a joy to visit with you again. 🙂

  4. Pardon my crazy auto correct phone. Corrected version.
    I agree. There are plenty of misconceptions about balance. Some moms simply don’t give themselves time to downshift and detox. We complain about not having balance, and then we want to do everything inside and outside the home. I’m a big proponent of delegate, delegate, delegate. It’s a joy to visit with you again.

  5. I like the analogy with the tires. I struggle with balance sometimes because I’m such all all or nothing personality. That’s gotten a lot better since I’ve gotten older, but it still comes out of me every now and again. 😉

  6. I love this! I was always one who thought that balance was something I was never going to have. Now I honestly feel a bit empowered to actually obtain a balance & be perfectly content. 🙂

  7. I really love your view on balance. You always take everything in a positive way which is really great. When I am down, my husband supports me to realize that, only being balanced can enhance our life. Nice article indeed.

  8. I love road trips – they are so much fun, especially when you get to explore off the beaten path. I need to focus on A: Avoid stress, overwhelm, inertia, procrastination, and self-doubt…I tend to fall into that never-ending pit sometimes…but I’m working on it.

  9. As a woman that is past the having to balance things stage– I can tell you that what matters is the time you do spend with your family. I worked a lot when my kids were growing up– but we still had lots of fun. Hopefully that’s what they remember.

  10. I wish I was there to listen to you. I’m not that great when it comes to balancing anything in my life. I know it can be done but do need the motivation to do it.

  11. Dang woman, you were brilliant with that stuff. I love it! And I’m totally jealous that you thought of that before I did 🙂 Atta girl…you are da bomb!

  12. This is a great post. It can be hard to find the right balance in our day to day struggles. These are all great tips.

  13. Elayna, So glad we connected today and balance … for me is feeling good about what I’m doing most of the day, and especially like I made a difference at the end of each day whether is was work, personal or helping someone else.

  14. “Consciously design” I love it! Very true, it all begins in your mind, there isn’t a one size fits all. Love, love, love this post! Keep them coming Elayna!

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