Tangled in the Chaos, Hardship, and Stress of Motherhood?

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Halloween is around the corner and seems like every mom in the USA is busy (maybe overwhelmed) thinking of costumes, finding costumes, shopping for costumes, or making costumes, and worrying about having the hair styles and the right accessories.

Johnson's No More Tangles Toddler Hair Regime

Though Halloween was not something we celebrated growing up in the Dominican Republic, as a multicultural family, we have the opportunity to create our own Holiday traditions, taking several aspects of what we love about each culture that is part of our life experience.

Back home, I used to dress up on Independence Day, February 27th, because that’s when we celebrated Carnival. I remember this holiday with fondness because everyone would take to the streets dressed up as their favorite character, dancing and singing joyously with one another.

In my small rural town, especially in my impoverished neighborhood, it was not usual for people to buy costumes, but rather be inventive and resourceful, and make their own. If you think about it, creativity can be an outgrowth of scarcity and pain.

No Sew tutu tutorial

And with El Día de Muertos coming up, I thought about one of my favorite costumes for carnival: honoring my ancestors, the indigenous Taino culture, by dressing up like them.

This was a simple costume that consisted in face paint that could be achieved with dyes from common plants and vegetables (and sometimes “borrowing” your mother’s make up lol) and an outfit made out of plastic sacks that we could get in the trash at the local “colmado” (grocery store).

And because we had recently made a Día de Muertos headpiece, I thought, why not use the same technique for my indigenous costume and make a no-sew tutu for my little princesses?

Johnsons No Tangles line - #TangleTalk

Playing dress up is something that is part of my life as a mom of three girls. It can also be challenging because I am more of a geek than I am a DIY or beauty mom. I like to focus my energy on my strengths and outsource my weaknesses. I’ve figured it’s a better – and more empowering – use of my time.

Mom and Baby bonding time : using Johnson's No More Tangles

I really enjoy the bonding time caring for my daughters’ hair has provided and continues to provide for me, because it’s a time when we slow down and can be present with each other, but it can turn into chaos with the tangles that can show up, especially with our curly hair.  Any growing hair can tangle easily, really.

Using JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray has been a lifesaver for me. Thankfully, I get to do motherhood when this product line is available, because I often wished I had this solution when Elisha and Elyssa were younger. TheJOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray works instantly to unlock 75% of your baby’s knots and tangles in dry or wet hair for easy trouble-free combing.

Eliana - No More Tangles - Johnsons

This made it easier to turn Eliana into a Día de Muertos princess ballerina, without unnecessary struggles, chaos, and tears!

The JOHNSON’S NO MORE TANGLES 3-step regime is our best friend in getting camera ready, and it’s essential for maintaining healthy-looking and nourished hair. It also provides peace of mind as a mom because the NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water, and it’s paraben-free and allergy tested.

  • Step 1: I wash her curly brown hair with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® leave-in conditioner shampoo to soften and smoothen out her hair. This clinically proven mild formula rinses easily from your baby’s hair, leaving those precious locks smelling fresh and looking beautifully shiny and healthy.
  • Step 2:  I nourish her curls with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® conditioner. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® conditioner detangles and conditions your toddler’s hair in one easy step. No rinsing required.
  • Step 3: I style those locks using the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray and a wide tooth comb.

Johnson and Johnson baby bathtime with No More Tangles

And then, it’s outfit time! This simple dress-up costume was so easy to make, even for a non-crafty mom like me! Here’s how you can do it, too:

What you’ll need for your DIY No-sew Tutu Craft

  • One elastic headband or a long ribbon
  • A roll of tulle measuring 6” by 31” – you can choose any color and do it on your own terms!
  • Scissors

How to assemble your No-Sew Princess Ballerina Tutu

  1. Place the elastic or ribbon around your child’s waist to see if it fits.
  2. Decide how long you want the skirt to be (for example, I wanted mine to be 10 inches long) and cut many strips of tulle twice that long (20″ in my case).
  3. Start folding the tulle strips evenly in half, putting them behind the front of the ribbon/elastic, and taking the open ends and putting them through the space in between the loop you created.
  4. When you finish the front, cut strips 1-2 inches longer and start the back.
  5. Fluff and straighten, and your tutu is ready to go!

Wasn’t that easy? I feel that we are fed into this notion that everything related to motherhood has to be difficult, chaotic, and stressful, but I disagree! Yes, I said it! I think life as a mom can be easy, happy, and sometimes even effortless.

There are three lessons embedded in my story that I’d like for you to take away:

  1. Identify what works for you and pursue it on your own terms. Give yourself permission to do it in the unique way that feels right for you.
  2. When you feel inadequate or unready, ponder your past experiences and look for clues to the solution.
  3. Don’t be scared to ask for help or use tools and resources that can help along the way.

These simple steps can help you, because as you follow them, you can liberate yourself and be who you are meant to be as a woman and as a mom, rather than living tangled in the chaos and feeling like you are failing even at the simplest tasks.

Which one is your favorite? Share your story and your thoughts on the JOHNSON’S NO MORE TANGLES 3-step regime with us below!

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30 thoughts on “Tangled in the Chaos, Hardship, and Stress of Motherhood?

  1. Back when I was a kid-many moons ago–it was unheard of to buy store bought costumes–our Mom’s made them! I wonder when this changed? We also collected for Unicef——this seems to have stopped as well. And do I ever wish they had No More Tangles when I was little!!

  2. OMg I am melting over this little ones cuteness. I swear you have the most beautiful daughters ever. I admit we never had to worry about tangles as son didn’t have curls or long hair to worry to much.That said we loved the no tears factor adn to this day still have products in our home that come from Johnson’s.

  3. Your daughter is such a cutie pie!! I actually use No More Tangles in my own hair. Hey, if it’s gentle enough for babies, it’s gotta be gentle enough for me too, right? Plus it works great!

  4. Your little one is so cute! I love all of the tradition you talk about in here – it reminds me of what the holidays are about – doing things you love with those you love!

  5. Your daughter is super cute. Her hair looks so pretty. Back when my son was little, I always use bath products by Johnson & Johnson. It’s a household staple brand. Happy Halloween!

  6. Your daughter is so ADORABLE! I personally will be piecing a costume together for myself for Halloween since I seem to be the last one to plan. The kiddos and hubby are all set.

  7. I loved making my own costumes with my mom when I was a kid. It was such a fun activity to do together. I would have loved a tutu like that when I was little 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness she is precious! We actually let our two year old pick out our costumes. (Aka. Mommy is a ‘Big Witch” (thanks kid) and Daddy is a baseball player)

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Eliana looks so cute in her costume! We are big fans of Johnson’s products but haven’t tried the detangling spray yet. Have to add it to our next shopping list.

  10. Taking care of the kids can make you feel a little lost from time to time! We all need help sometimes and it doesn’t make you any less of a good mom.

  11. Those are such valuable lessons. I think #1 (Identify what works for you and pursue it on your own terms. Give yourself permission to do it in the unique way that feels right for you.) resonates the most with me.

  12. Awwww bless the little princess looks absolutely adorable and very happy with her locks as well so Kudos to mama. And I have learnt a couple new calenndar days to celebrate. Since I work form home I can pretty much celebrate any day I want 🙂 Thanks for sharing Elayna 🙂

  13. We grew up using johnson and johnson products and can not get enough them. Loved your reminiscing about childhood making customes instead of buying, we did the same

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