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The Truth About Being Pregnant In Your 30’s

My heart was racing with excitement. Modern technology affords us many luxuries; the kind that our grandmothers didn’t dream about having, and our moms didn’t have… the kind I didn’t enjoy when I had my first two daughters in my twenties. I logged on to the account so I could check out my pregnancy file and started to go through each detail. I avidly devoured each piece of information with a big smile on my face: it was only the beginning of my pregnancy, yet I was relieved it was all going well.

The truth about being pregnant in your 30s

And then it happened. There was a “condition” listed… something was wrong! I sought comfort in one of my usual silent one-second-prayer and took a slow, deep breath as I read “elderly pregnancy.” With deep indignation, I called my little girls into the dining room so they could read this for themselves. “Can you believe that?” Usually, the term “elderly” would be endearing, and one that we truly cherish as a family that values legacy, heritage, and wisdom.

“I am ONLY 36!” I kept saying to my daughters, to my husband, and especially to myself, in an effort to not allow my hormonally emotional state get offended. I had made the decision long ago to choose to be entertained when labels and other distasteful judgment happens, yet I knew I was especially vulnerable at this time and I must admit it infused fear in me. I felt different. I went from being pregnant to being at risk, just because of my age.

I decided that while there was really nothing entertaining about it, I woudn’t let this “diagnosis” rain on my parade or predict my pregnancy. I started thinking about my daughter being a teen when I get into my 50’s. Terrifying thought, I know, especially now that I see how much energy and what a strong will she has. She’s definitely a reflection of both my Ying and my Yang. I literally just got my first gray hair and I named it “Eliana,” just like my now 20-month old miracle.

What is the best age to have a child? I don’t think this is determined by a biological clock ticking or by what society wants us to believe. I feel in my heart that it is a personal decision that has nothing to do with age, finances, or peer pressure. Yet somehow, it is often because of these reasons that we delay or accelerate our journey into motherhood.

For example, I postponed marriage and child-bearing until my mid-twenties because of money, career, and education. As a re-married single mom at 35, I recognized that it was possibly the worse time to have a baby. Having pre-teens meant that calmer times had arrived. My career as a speaker, blogger, and mentor had taken off, and our honeymoon would soon be over. I made the decision of just allowing God to decide whether I would conceive and not tamper with the process. He sent me a compact package of pure joy!

For my friend, (let’s call her Martha) becoming a friend in her late 30’s was all she ever dreamed of. She wanted to wait until she was secure in herself, in her marriage, and her career. She knew that she wouldn’t be as committed to the wild ride that is parenting until she felt established. She ignored the “fertility nay-sayers” and she was successful getting pregnant and becoming a mother, on her terms and her own timing.

The truth is, no one ever feels 100% ready to have a baby and every woman is wired differently, even when it comes to fertility. Mothering, and every choice related to it, must feel right to you as a woman.

And to me it felt right – even after the scary and slightly frustrating label. I decided to embrace my choice of being a 30-something mom. If that is your choice, be assured that:

  • You have the stamina to parent young children.
  • You know yourself enough to honor your instincts, which are the best tool to mother your child.
  • Your body knows what it is doing. Monitor your pregnancy and take care of yourself, not because you’re over 30 but because it matters to you.

And let’s tackle these with some tips that I know are going to be useful at any age:

Equip Yourself: Do your research about the options that are available to you. Take classes, Google your questions, read books and trade publications about parenting today.

Empower Yourself: Find the courage to do what resonates with you, and don’t let anyone tell you what to do or how to do it. This is your pregnancy, your birth story and it is a sacred time for you and your baby. I literally fired by obstetrician and worked with a midwife, instead. She understood my vegan lifestyle, and the values that drive my choices. I’ve met moms who confess they wish they would have done it, but didn’t want to be rude or mean.

Encourage Yourself: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and they can choose whether or not to be supportive of yours. Sometimes self-motivation is the only motivation we’re going to get… and trust that it is enough. Tell yourself “I can do this!” and be your own best friend… it will make life easier and it will make you a better mom to your child. You can also find a mentor outside of your circle to guide you through this unique experience.

And lastly, but more importantly, enjoy your “elderly pregnancy.” Motherhood starts with conception and it is a partnership with God, a sacred privilege, and a powerful calling… at any age. The truth about being pregnant in your 30’s and really in any other stage of your life is this: you are blessed!

How old were you when you had your children? I’d love for you to comment below and share your experiences with me. I promise to comment back 🙂


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Saturday 25th of May 2019

[…] I can still see what I saw and feel what I felt that morning. I was terrified. “I’m so old.” “I’m about to file for divorce.” “A baby can’t be born from […]


Sunday 14th of May 2017

Thank you for ur inspiring thoughts, am actually feel very stress of my pregnancy, I am very happy when I came to know that I was pregnant because I have been praying and hoping for another child. But being in my situation now I feel overwhelmed, apart from am worried about my age and the possible outcome of my pregnancy, it has not been so easy for me because am working abroad, away from my spouse n family...... Plus my eldest son seems does not like the idea of having other siblings....


Sunday 28th of August 2016

Thank you for your encouragement! This article really spoke to me & gave me the boost of confidence I've been needing! I was married young and had 4 children by the age of 26. Since then my ex husband and I divorced and I've been a single mom & working. Four years ago, a old high school boyfriend & I reconnected, got married and had a little girl. We have just recently learned that we are Blessed with another sweet baby-but I'm 37-and have been very nervous over people's opinions on that!

Jackie Komush

Friday 19th of August 2016

Hi, thank you so very much for this post and your thoughts on "?Elderly Pregnancy" lol I married at 17, had my first boy at 19, second boy at 22, and third boy at 26. My husband and I are now trying for our 4th. We know this is what we want, but being 32 now scared me a bit. I talked to my mid wife about it and she is all for it, but your post made me feel a lot less nervous and worried about this not new but new adventure. Thanks.?


Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Irish genes...my mom conceived me on the honeymoon of her second marriage, naturally, and a huge surprise, at 48! My dad was 60. I am now 26 and expecting my first child! My dad is 86, but they were fit and I had wonderfully active, retired parents.