3 Common Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Working For You (And How To Fix It)

There are certain patterns successful bloggers follow to get the results they want, and while it is true we could figure out and model their formula, you must define success on your own terms!

Are you getting enough out of your blog?

  • traffic?
  • comments?
  • subscribers?
  • conversions?
  • click-throughs?
  • shares?
  • exposure for your brand?

You get to define ENOUGH on your own terms, too, and not fall in the trap of comparing yourself and your blog or your content to someone else’s.

Whether you are here because you want to get more out of your blog and you feel like blogging isn’t working for you, or you’re simply curious to learn 3 common reasons why blogging doesn’t work for others, I wrote this post with you in mind, because these pitfalls are preventable, and reminders never hurt.

3 common reasons why your blog isn't working  for you and how to fix it

Reason #1 Bloggers Fail: Lack of Strategy

One of my favorite sayings of all time is “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail;” maybe because with all the hats I wear, I need this daily constant reminder. You want to have a solid strategy in place for your blog… and I don’t mean perfect: done is better than perfect!

Any strategy will do, because even if you start out with a “bad” strategy, you can learn and tweak, correcting your course while in motion. One thing must be true, though: your strategy must align with your biggest goals, your top passions, and your main priorities, so that it is sustainable and you could develop the self-motivation to re-fuel along the journey.

Reason #2 Bloggers Fail:  Content Needs Focus

There is so much amazing content out there: blog posts, videos (vlogs), articles, etc. and there is only so much time in the day, not to mention attention spans are getting shorter by the second.

My point is that in order to stand out, we must create original, valuable, well-written content that is focused on addressing specific issues, questions, and concerns of a very select niche, and organized in 3 or 5 categories that we can use to guide our posting calendar and create balanced content in all the areas we specialize in.

This sounds really simple, yet I can see many people struggling with picking a niche, narrowing down topics, or choosing an overall theme. I tend to work with creative types and structure is something they mostly resist. I once had a coaching client who hated the words “outline,” “intro,” or “template,” because they caused her stress and made her feel confined.

Believe it or not, structure provides freedom! As you define your objectives and match your content to your chosen reader persona, you will create more, help more people, and see more results.

Reason #3 Bloggers Fail:  Poor (or no) Promotion

Build it and they will come...” ummmm… Not really! A successful blogger is a marketer and is proactive in the marketing process. Remember my 5 stages to marketing?

Contact > Conversation > Connection > Community > Conversion

Getting the word out about your blog doesn’t happen overnight and requires daily actions to make progress toward the goal, according to plan (see reason #1).

Now you know that to achieve the results you want out of your blog, you must:

  1. Design a road-map that defines where you’re going and how you will get there
  2. Define your ideal audience intimately and focusing on providing relevant solutions
  3. Determine the daily actions you will take to achieve your dream – and do it!

I look forward to your feedback. Would you be willing to share some of your blogging goals and the actions you are using to achieve them? TIA!

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36 thoughts on “3 Common Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Working For You (And How To Fix It)

  1. I think some people are all over the place, but the ones who know where they want to go will go far.

  2. My blog started out as a place to keep family and friends updated. It’s definitely evolved and I keep reminding myself that I write 95% of my content because it’s a creative outlet for me. I do need to be more focused, and that will come.

  3. You definitely have to put everything you have in promotion especially when you are working with a brand but you also have to have your heart. If it’s not working, change your thought process and bring back the love.

  4. My strategy is to stay focused, live, breath and eat my blog, market and keep climbing. I do compare myself to others so I can try and see what they are doing and how they become amazing.

  5. I blog for me, not for others. Not a great way to look at it, but I started my blog to document family memories. If the traffic and sponsors come- great. If not, I don’t sweat it.

  6. Ya know…my blog is just so weird and off the wall, I never can fit it into any category since it’s just a bunch of 1/2 truths. After 4 1/2 years it still doesn’t fit in a “niche.” But I love writing it 🙂

  7. Planning really is so important. I really notice when I haven’t planned enough, and that’s when things fall apart…

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  9. These tips are so helpful, I find myself struggling in blogging when I started. I will share these tips with my friends who want to blog.

  10. “Build it and they will come”, I’ve definitely read this over and over through different blogging groups. Great point on marketing. I need to learn more about this.

  11. This is very helpful. I feel that it’s working for me, but not as fast as I would like. But this is definitely good information to change how I look at my strategy…well, to put a better strategy in place.

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