7 Homeschooling Myths ~ Debunked!!!

I never really planned to become a homeschooler. I grew up in the Dominican Republic where everyone goes to school, and did not have a clue there were alternatives to public and private school. I had great teachers who inspired me, motivated me, and taught me to love learning. I didn’t get enrolled into homeschooling because I hated the school system, as a matter of fact, my children have only been to private school.

I’ve been a homeschooling mom for a few years now and I can say without a doubt that it’s one of the top 5 best decisions I’ve made in my life. I can feel this will be long post, because while I don’t claim to know every homeschooling myth there is, I’ve heard many:

social skills homeschooled kidsMYTH #1 ~ Kids don’t get social skills ~ I don’t claim to be the best mom on the planet, but I’m no Mother Gothel, either. Homeschooling does not mean locking your children out of the world, as a matter of fact, my daughters are extremely integrated, aware, and their social skills are superb, leaving everyone they interact with in real awe. I am excited to know that my daughters’ self-confidence is not determined by peer-pressure and that we choose the people -of all ages- we want to be around – or don’t.

MYTH #2 ~ Homeschoolers don’t value education ~ I go to homeschool fairs and belong to several homeschool groups, and most members are highly educated folks In Canada, you even get perks for homeschooling!  It is also well received in the US. According to a study by the National Home Education Research Institute, there  were 2.04 million homeschooled children in 2010 and it’s a fast growing trend for effective education.

MYTH #3 ~ Home Educators MUST be professional teachers  ~  This has been a source of constant awkwardness for me. I have been teaching adults for over a decade, but when I tell others I teach my children – AT HOME!!! – they seem puzzled, almost in disapproving shock, and sometimes even ask to see my credentials. I’m not going to lie, at first I was afraid, I was petrified but I have survived… and so have they. It’s been a great experience and an academic success.

time4learning homeschool life

MYTH #4 ~ Homeschool curriculums are Difficult and PRICEY!  ~ Sure many curriculums were highly intimidating to me. I didn’t even go to school in the U.S. so I was clueless about a lot.  Even the most expensive ones are still way cheaper than paying private school for two children – especially for a single mom!  I save money in tuition, gas, dreaded costumes, unnecessary school materials (we recycle a lot), and even daycare (for my new baby). And you get teacher’s discounts with your homeschool ID!

We decided to use Time4Learning, a virtual interactive curriculum that covers preschool through high school, and it has been amazing for my daughters: fun, flexible, and AFFORDABLE.

In addition, it is a simple classroom where lesson plans are optional, progress reports are on demand, activities are animated, and quizzes/tests are automatically graded. Time4Learning offers demo lessons and a curriculum overview, if you are interested. It makes life so much easier!

playing piano homeschoolingMYTH #5 ~ Homeschooling takes too much time ~ Time was actually the decisive factor for me to check out homeschooling. I used to wake up in the wee hours to get backpacks and breakfast ready, pack a healthy homemade lunch, and drive across town to make the 7 am car-line, which was only shorter than the afternoon car-line for pick up. Between homework and extra-curricular activities, the girls were exhausted and we couldn’t really bond. Our homeschooling takes LESS time than it took to drop-off and pick-up the girls from school, and with no homework, they can sleep in, we can snuggle and do our morning scripture study, and they can do what they love without stress and at their own pace – plus, family togetherness!

MYTH #6 ~ Homeschooling will stress you out! ~ Sure homeschooling requires effort and time, but I do not miss our rushed breakfast, car-line, binder-keeper days, to only have tired, stressed out kids that missed me – and each other – all day. I am more relaxed, we are more relaxed. They are rested, happy, and excited to do school at their own pace and when they are alert and ready to learn. We hug, pray, take breaks when needed, and switch subjects, when necessary. I love the flexibility and freedom of homeschooling and it gives me sanity and peace of mind, because we have become time-management moguls. However, what I am most grateful for is the unbreakable bond that is created through being together and actively teaching my children eternal principles, positive values, and life skills in every teachable moment. I love it!

whollyart panda drawing homeschooling

MYTH #7 ~ Homeschoolers miss out on school resources! ~ Although I personally don’t take advantage of a lot of the public school services available, homeschoolers are eligible to enroll in PE, music, art, and other programs. Like Tim Tebow, they could play sports or get a scholarship, and of course, they could apply for colleges when the time comes. I am not sure how long we will be homeschooling, though the girls say “forever;” we will just continue to do what works and discard what doesn’t. I’m so happy that my daughters now have more time to pursue their real passions: art, music, writing, reading, cooking, sewing… They also have more time to play and bond as sisters – and best friends! Co-ops are another great resource, where you can send the children a few days and share the schooling – I don’t do this but some of my homeschooling friends do swear by them!

I am not saying you SHOULD homeschool. I don’t believe it works for everyone. What I am saying is it works for me, it works for our family, and it makes us happier. I like to share happiness… that’s me!

Have you heard any homeschooling myths you want to share with me? I’d love to help debunk them!

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31 thoughts on “7 Homeschooling Myths ~ Debunked!!!

  1. This is excellent! I agree with all your points Elayna! I can confidently say that homeschooling my girls is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love the bond our family has and I contribute part if that to knowing each other. When you are in public school there is so much distraction and obligations that family time is lost.
    I am often told that I shelter my girls because we homeschool. The reality is that they are well rounded and are exposed to all the greatness this planet has to offer and homeschool allows me to nourish their passions and help them grow in the direction of what makes them happy. To me that is the most important thing we can do for our children.
    Keep Being Amazing!
    Love, Gratitude & Kindness
    Robin Marvel

  2. I as well grew up in the school system and I flourished, yet I still feel and know that home schooling is best for my child. She flourishes under our sleeping in and constructive play for teaching certain topics. The best part is she doesn’t even realize she is learning. My daughter is 5 and he other day she shocked a friend of the family by using the word situation properly in a conversation. Which made me realize she also knows he words dilapidated, refraction, fractal, observation and many others that are not the norm for her age all because of her and I having conversations about life, nature and the world. But as always it is hard getting the stigma off of us as home schooling parents.

  3. I’m so glad to hear about your positive experiences with homeschooling! We’re researching options for our daughter now, and I’m glad to see it’s a viable one!

  4. I agree with all your points too! I love homeschooling my 3 kiddos. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made too! Our children grow up so fast, but I feel like homeschooling gives me time to relish each day I have with my sweet kids. I feel so fortunate to have this special time to spend with them and learn from them as they learn from me.
    We did public school for 3 years and I was so stressed out and so were my kids. We still have plenty of stress and busy schedules but we are all happier because we are TOGETHER and we get to CHOOSE how we spend our time and what and how we study. I love it!

  5. You make me want to homeschool! And I mean it seriously. There are some absolutely fantastic things about homeschooling that I love. On the other hand, my son is an only child and needs social interaction because his cousins live faraway and I work. And I know I wouldn’t take it as seriously as I should. But it would be lovely!

  6. I love that you’re debunking the myths. My hats off to all homeschoolers who are diligent about giving the best academic instruction they can. It’s a tough job, but I know it is well worth it too.

  7. One thing that most people do not realize is that a lot of Ivy League Universities actually look to recruit home schooled kids. Harvard, Oxford and Princeton have all published things at various times about how their students that were home schooled excelled better than those who came from high dollar prep schools. So there is value in home schooling.

  8. I love this blog post! I am defiantly not a new to homeschooling mom ( going on 10 years ), but I was at one time. Unfortunately, I have heard all of those myths and then some. It can really make a newbie nervous and even decided against homeschooling. That is why I am glad you are helping to set the record straight 🙂
    The one I “love” the most is, how will your children socialize? As if being homeschooled, means living in a bubble. I suppose if a person chooses to stay home and not work, then they have no friends too? If you really think about the myths, you can see the pin holes in them. Another myth, I find utterly ridiculous is, that if your homeschooled, how will your child graduate and how will they go to college? As homeschoolers, we know that ridiculous. Truth is, that many, many, famous, well educates, important figures in history were homeschooled.
    O’ btw, we also use Time4Learning. It really is a great program 🙂

  9. It is nice to know that Homeschooling works well for you and your kids. And you are right, it is not for everyone. I know some people who are homeschooling their kids and I respect their decision. It is just the matter of what works for families. And thank you for sharing with us some insights on Homeschooling and clearing up some homeschooling myths.

  10. Is great homeschool, you can choose what you want. But please dont forget to teach them how the real word is . And how could people be.

  11. Thanks for busting the myths! Here in Spain homeschooling is neither legal nor illegal, but the law stipulates that compulsive education must be met through school attendance.

  12. Great information! I have been thinking about homeschooling. I hear #1 so much. Great to know that your beautiful daughters have such great social skills. My daughter is almost 2 so I have a little time to think about it.

  13. Pretty nice post. I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write
    again very soon!

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