The Truth About Self-Motivation

belief and positive affirmations - the positive mom blog MomtivationIt has been proved that nearly 90% of our thoughts are of negative nature. To “fight” this issue, positive thinkers practice “positive affirmations”.

It is said that with the use of affirmations, you can actually reprogram your thought patterns. You can “change your mind” and your life, simply by “declaring” positive, beautiful, inspiring, motivating statements.

I love being positive and stating positive truths. I love inspiration and “dancing in the rain”. However, believing that the mere act of affirming what we want to achieve will materialize it, is far from reality.
Declare it…then make it happen!

Research shows that unfounded positive affirmations can actually harm us more than help us:

“For 87% of us, declarations of self-change produce a temporary improvement in self-image followed, in a few weeks, by disappointment, which makes our self-image worse than it was before the declaration”{Polivy and Herman 1999}

Let’s complement our positive affirmations and our optimism with the discipline and diligence that is required to achieve our goals. Self-motivation based on results, past success and actual facts lasts forever and can impact your life.

Your faith in YOU as a co-creator of your life should be said aloud, not just with your words, but with your actions.

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