Top Mistakes To Avoid As A Blogger Working With Brands

When one grows… we all grow..” is the motto that inspired Ana Flores (@laflowers) to launch Latina Bloggers Connect and to create We All Grow Summit.  Isn’t it true that when a member of family, a network, a community grows, the ripple effect is inevitable, immeasurable, and undeniable?

Imagine a room full of Latinas, bloggers, entrepreneurs, business executives, moms, sisters, daughters…women, all connected for one purpose: to inspire and be inspired. It’s been many moons since this sacred time with them and I still feel uplifted. It was one of those experiences that overflow your cup and fill up your lamp.

While it’s true that all blogger conferences are a ripe field for opportunities, sisterhood, and growth, the WeAllGrow summit was exponentially so, PLUS it brought such a sweetness and heart to an unarguably business-focused event. I was truly “in my element” because I wholeheartedly believe that our personal growth is the foundation for prosperity, and not the other way around.

I am so grateful. I had an emotional feast, surrounded by like-minded and like-hearted women and brands. I laughed, cried, got chills, and experienced healthy and beautiful emotions. I was pampered, beautified, and showered with goodies, too! #BloggerPerks 😉 I literally could write pages and pages of moments that made my eyes swollen, which is why I didn’t write it for so long: my heart was truly overwhelmed with greatness.

Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM ~ learns the top mistakes bloggers make when connecting with brands and pitching, too!

For now, I’ll share what I promised in my title: the top mistakes to avoid as a blogger working with brands… because whether you are thinking you’ll blog someday, are already doing it, or know someone who blogs, I think it is insanely amazing and cool to hear from the brands and agencies themselves how avoid doing it the wrong way…and how to fix it.

how influencers and brands connect panel at We All Grow Summit 2015

During the panel “The Next Level: How Influencers And Brands Connect,” moderated by LBConnect’s Roxanna Sarmiento @_roxsar_all WeAllGrow summit attendees had the opportunity to hear from Susan Stipcianos @dreamteamsusan, Jesùs Chavez @jeschv of MiTu Network, Danica Kombol @danicakombol of BeEverywhere, Holly Hamann @hollyhamann of Tap Influence, Hugo Perez @newzdude, Debra Hotaling @debra_hotaling of Ford Motor Co, and Robin Santos @robinmsantos (all pictured below, from left to right*).

The Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid As A Blogger Working With Brands #WeAllGrow

There are 7 practices the experts agree are lethal mistakes when it comes to influencers connecting, building a relationship with, and working with brands:

  1. Not being authentic ~ A confessed pet peeve of agencies and brand PR representatives is to see bloggers copy-pasting a press release their team wrote! Your voice, your personality, your original words is what they want to see in sponsored posts, social interactions, and collaborations. Pour your heart out… you know you want to!
  2. Not engaging ~ I loved this point so much! The panelists all agreed that brands don’t need you to create numbers or reach… they have that… they can get that. What is most valuable to them is the engagement you can spark, because you have a real relationship with your audience.
  3. Not being professional ~ A “let’s shake our heads” moment of truth: many bloggers are late, too casual, and don’t do their research on the brand values to make sure the values are represented on the post. Their advice: be on time, dress appropriately, be a partner who shows enthusiasm and is in alignment with the brand’s message.
  4. Not being transparent ~ Are your numbers real? They can find out in a heartbeat! Are you open and honest about what you are willing/not willing to do, as well as your expectations? The 3 rules: don’t hide, don’t lie, don’t mislead.
  5. Not being a storyteller ~ This was an ongoing theme during the entire panel, and seems like the answer to many of the questions that were asked. Brands want you to capture your audience emotionally, not to recite a commercial. This was a relief for me because I am just wired in a weird way and I feel the burning desire to add my opinion – in my flavor – to everything I write. Sharing my stories to infuse motivation is actually why I started this blog.
  6. Not being responsive ~ I loved this saying from one of the panelists: If 90% of success is showing up, in blogging,100% of success is answering your e-mail. The blogger that replies first gets chosen!” It helps to fill out your personal profiles and to have great SEO so our blog can be found if the agency, network, or brand is conducting a search, rather than sending an application. Of course, once you get the gig, they expect a quick turn around, too!
  7. Not being patient ~ Brands do want you to introduce yourself, let them know what you are working on, and pitch to them. Most brands practice the top of mind concept: if they know you, they’ll think of your first. However, they also demand respect, and want to work with influencers who know that things will happen at the right time. They are people and relationships matter… A LOT! Relationships are not built overnight, and I think that’s why they are the key to succeeding in any industry. The panelists stressed the fact that many bloggers confuse what it’s a great idea to them with what would be a good business proposal for the brand. Their advice is to keep in mind that campaigns are often worked on months in advance, so while you may not participate in what the brand is up to at the moment, you can choose to support them and think on ideas on how to work together in the future. As someone in the panel eloquently put it: brands will date you off and on, but the ring is coming!”

What do you think of these tips? Which tip is the most valuable or interesting to you? If you are a blogger, I’d love to hear your tips to succeed when connecting with brands in the comment section below.

And speaking of brands, thank you Boden PR, Crest,, Dove, Ford, Gaiam, Los Angeles Tourism Bureau, Minted, Neutrogena, Opoli, Origami Owl, Pinesol, Scholarshare, Suavitel, Tap Influence, Vive Mejor and YouTube, for partnering with Latina Bloggers Connect to make this outstanding event possible.

PS ~ *Photos by Robson Muzel and #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

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81 thoughts on “Top Mistakes To Avoid As A Blogger Working With Brands

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  2. I’m so sad I wasn’t able to go. But thank you for sharing the information you learned with us. This will defintely help me in the future, as I look forward to working with brands. Thanks!

  3. I was hoping to make it to the event. Seems like it was very inspiring. thank you for sharing with us who were not able to make it.

  4. You made some super tips, and some of them I even follow. I think my favorite is #5. I know the brands I work with like it when I tell how and why I am using the product.

  5. Wow,

    You definitely poured your personality in this blog, very authentic and yet made the point loud and clear. I am so glad I stayed up to read it. And the Tips are spot on. Being integral is important, show up, Tell a story, be authentic all things that are very important and Above all be respectful of other people’s content. Curating is okay, as long as we reference the original article or wherever we found the resources.

    Loved it Thanks Elayna

  6. This is very good information. Engagement and storytelling are two very important pieces to the puzzle and something I am trying to improve.

  7. This is fascinating. I dont own a blog but love reading them, and to hear about the issues facing bloggers is definitely an eye opener. I would definitely agree about the “not being authentic” mistake. Its so frustrating and annoying when I spot a blogger who doesn’t respect her readers enough to be authentic and honest.

    • I hope to meet you, too, Elayne. I love your name. You know, I grew up thinking that was my name and didn’t find out about my “A” until I graduated from High School at 15. So we are “tocayas” as they say in my homeland. I love your blog and I admire you!

  8. Great tips. I am new to blogging and hope to one day work with different brands. I also wish I could find a blogger conference in my area. I have been searching with no luck. Looks fun!

  9. I am so glad you got to go to this. I wish I could have to. It sounds like there was so much to learn and experience. I am definitely going to bookmark this for the tips and to see if I can go to this if they hold one next year.

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  11. I LOVE the tips in this post! After the 2017 Summit I’m trying to figure out what the next steps are for working with brands. This post was so helpful! XO

  12. I love the way you share what you learn with your audience and also love the storyteller in you. These are great tips and they´re going to help me in this process. Thanks for sharing.

  13. All of these are great tips and so needed for any blogger who wants to do it professionally. Establishing any business relationship takes time and professionalism and you covered the major things we need to look at. Thanks!

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