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My Miracle Story

I have more than one miracle story, although I won’t be discussing any specific one today. Instead, I’m sharing an article of mine that was published on Miracle Magazine and that seems so relevant during this time of my life when I’m being faced with much opposition, my daughters are having birthdays, and we’re entering the last quarter of the year: there is much to reflect upon.

“My” Story — as told on Miracle Magazine

My journey started at a young age. My first near death experience happened at 3 months old, followed by events that some would define hard, tragic, and even unfair.

My take on it is a bit different. I could focus on “what happened to me” or “how I overcame it”. I could go on for hours. My life has been somewhat short, but certainly quite eventful!

Focus on what you have – everything is wonderful in the spirit of gratitude.

I will, instead, focus on the tools I was given since birth to be able to withstand adversity, to survive the unsurvivable, and achieve the impossible…

the positive mom story miracle magazine SWFL

Encouraged I attribute my confidence and thirst for achievement to my father’s belief in me and his conviction I could do more and be more. My father’s vision on what I could become was contagious. His unconditional support is an ongoing fuel that fires my desire to never give up, no matter how rough.

Inspired – It is no chance that the word of God is written. My mother encouraged us to read the Bible, and brought home self-development books “we couldn’t help but read.” She always delighted us by singing motivational lyrics that went beautifully with her voice. Those words, those lyrics, those messages, still resonate with me when things seem to go wrong and allow me to go on.

Instructed – I treasure my parents’ dedication in taking the time to have meaningful conversation with me, teach me right from wrong, and instill essential values in me. I look back and am in awe at how many times in trying to not disappoint my parents (and to be completely honest, to avoid a beating lol), I avoided horrible, even fatal mishaps. Sometimes I didn’t really understand why I should or shouldn’t do something in particular, I just knew “I knew better”.

Structured – Whomever said “you never understand your parents until you become one” was flat out right! Being a mom has helped me forgive understand my mom at so many levels! She was the main disciplinarian and I realize that is not a fun task to overtake. She made sure we got things done and we did them right and on time. Even though I’ve surrendered and forsaken my days of perfectionism, I must admit I don’t know a truly successful person that ignores the key ingredients of discipline and excellence. Having this foundation in my early years really set me up to be an achiever.

Guided – The truth about me is that I am an ordinary person with extraordinary faith. I take no credit for what may seem my achievements other than following a guided path and being up for the bumpy ride. I don’t claim to have clairvoyance or supernatural powers. I know that “my” creativity, intuition, resourcefulness, and inspiration has come from the divine and I am thankful.

Forgiven – Nothing is sweeter than the taste of forgiveness. I have received forgiveness from our Heavenly Father when going astray, forgiveness from my loved ones when I was less than perfect, forgiveness from myself when I decide to not beat myself up and I realize I am part of a bigger picture and that was written in the plan. How about the forgiveness we extend to others? If I could make up my own dictionary, forgiveness would be a synonym of freedom. Truly a miraculous experience.

Loved – Having encouragement, inspiration, structure, guidance, instruction and forgiveness throughout my days shows me how loved I have been, even when it didn’t really seem like so – in fact, I confess at times it seemed like the opposite was true! Love takes many shapes and forms and some can seem quite undesirable because they yank you right out of your comfort zone and zap you with the reflection of who you are. I embrace all the love that comes to me, effortlessly and abundantly.

Looking backI cannot pinpoint a single event, a single moment. I define my life as a collection of miracles. Though perhaps my wealth is invisible, inadmissible, or inexplicable to many, I have been given so much!

My treasure is every day I experience, every day I can breathe, everyday I can feel my daughters’ embrace.

As you see, my story, is NOT my story. It’s the story of the many miracles that have been manifested in my life. The story of how God transformed tragedy into triumph, and mess into miracle. I was encouraged, instructed, guided, forgiven, loved, structured… and I am BLESSED.


Alice Chase

Saturday 27th of September 2014

I love the words "my life is a collections of miracles" I feel like we could all say that if we really looked at our lives from the correct perspective.

eliz frank

Friday 26th of September 2014

Beautifully shared. All life is woven in miracles. Some of us stay attuned to the miracles and others brush them aside. Loved your share here.


Thursday 25th of September 2014

I love miracle stories :) Thank you for sharing yours!

Melissa Smith

Thursday 25th of September 2014

I so admire your outlook on life. It seems as if your life has put you in the perfect place to help others.

Adin Blankenship

Thursday 25th of September 2014

I do believe in Miracles and that they do happen. I myself are a living proof to that. I have had a few near death experiences and I thank God that I am still here alive and breathing. I do believe I have a reason why I am still alive. I love this part, "I will, instead, focus on the tools I was given since birth to be able to withstand adversity, to survive the unsurvivable, and achieve the impossible". Thank you for sharing. I always love your posts.