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31 Positive Affirmations for Sleep To Help You Rest and Relax at Bedtime

Do you use positive affirmations in your daily routines? How about in your nighttime routine?

Affirmations are a common part of life for me and I recommend them to moms because we often feel guilt, regret, and overwhelm and are looking for a way to boost our mood and confidence.  

Perhaps you use affirmations in many ways during the day, but what about at night, before we go to bed? That’s where positive affirmations for sleep can come in!  

Sleep is a precious resource when you’re a mom, especially with little ones.

I am still breastfeeding a few times every night, and it’s a blessing that affirmations can help us relax before sleep and rest better when we do put down your head. 

Let’s take a look at what they are and a few examples to help you get started.

What are bedtime affirmations?

Bedtime affirmations or sleep affirmations are quotes, mantras, or short phrases that you use to put your mind in a healthy and positive state before you go to sleep.  

The objective is to remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, cleaning away the worries and concerns that come with being a mom – or just life in general – and allowing yourself to have a better night’s sleep. 

Because I deal with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, I can attest that some positive affirmations can also help with specific mental health or sleep pattern issues. 

Do affirmations work while you sleep?

It makes a difference when you go to sleep with positive concepts in your mind and positive energy around you.  

Psychologists and neuroscientists agree that the practice of reciting positive words before bed can help while we sleep because it has a positive impact on our dreams.

We’ve all been there – you go to bed worrying about something and it surfaces in your dreams, turning into a restless night or even nightmares.  

By replacing that worry with something positive, you have better sleep quality and more pleasant dreams and are able to wake feeling more rested and happier, ready to start the day and to be a more positive mom.

Tips for choosing affirmations

In order for affirmations to work, they must be formulated effectively.

I’m going to share some examples of positive bedtime affirmations you can use before sleeping. 

But before, if you are thinking about creating your own, the following tips will guide you in what to choose and how to create positive affirmations that will help you.

Use Present Tense

A very important rule of positive affirmations is to talk about things as if they are already happening.  

When a statement starts with “I am,” you are bringing it into existence as your subconscious mind does not know the difference between vividly imagined experiences and your current reality.

Affirmations are best when they are in the active tense and relate to your willingness to act toward getting that which you are claiming to have, be, or do.

Be Specific

Being specific in any affirmation is key. You want to be able to see and measure what it is you are aiming for and being specific about what this is can be crucial because specificity is one of the laws of success.

Avoid general statements like “I will sleep more,” and say “I am happy and grateful now that I am sleeping 8 hours at night and waking up energized in the morning,” instead.

Have Faith

Probably the most important thing about any affirmation is that you choose to believe it.  

If you don’t trust what you are saying or feel like it is inauthentic, it isn’t going to work. The subconscious can see straight through you!  

As you intend to believe what you say or that you actually say what you believe can be true, you will have the best impact.

One of the stories that come to mind with affirmations is that of Napoleon Hill in front of the mirror. He would recite this, as assigned by his mentor, Dale Carnegie:

“Andrew Carnegie, I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life, but I’m going to challenge you at the post and pass you at the grandstand.”

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, did not – at first- believe this affirmation. He thought it was quite ridiculous! But, he trusted the process, and as he kept reciting it, he slowly started feeling it was possible for him. Ultimately, he developed a certainty that would lead to his incredible success.

Affirmations have worked for me on numerous occasions and I can tell you that my faith played a big role in those manifestations. 

Use Visualization and Emotion

Affirmations work better when connected with strong emotions and powerful mental visuals. 

Visualization helps your mind to connect with your body and soul. It ensures that the affirmation is more powerful than it could be on its own.

As you say your positive affirmations for sleep, imagine yourself peacefully sleeping and bring in positive emotions that go along with that image.

Make them Positive

Positive sleep affirmations can help you with your night routine and avoid those negative thought patterns before you sleep. They can even help repattern old negative beliefs that keep you stuck, sabotage your happiness, and stunt your potential. 

Here are some negative affirmations that we often say to ourselves as moms:

  • I can never go to sleep at a decent time
  • I’m exhausted tonight and I’m going to be so tired tomorrow
  • I have too much going on and I can’t just drop everything and go to sleep
  • It’s going to be another sleepless night and I’m so angry
  • Sleep is overrated
  • My mind just won’t shut off
  • I always have a hard time falling asleep

I’ve said these and many others time and time again and that is inevitably what I manifested. 

Positive affirmations get their name because, well, they are supposed to be positive. Reframe your negative statements into positive statements so you can attract what you want and not what you don’t want.

Positive Affirmations for Sleep

Let’s look at some examples of positive affirmations for sleep to help you to get the peace you need when you rest.

Affirmations for self-love

Before you go to bed, a little self-love goes a long way.

You sleep better when you become a more confident person, and it positively impacts how you function throughout your day.

Some examples include:

  • I am learning to love myself more each day
  • I am embracing who I am, loving, appreciating, and approving of myself
  • I am wonderfully created: body, mind, and soul!

Affirmations for anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety or are feeling anxious about a particular situation, you will often find you are tossing and turning in bed at night. Affirmations can help calm your mind when churning with those worries and concerns.  

Examples of the kinds of affirmations that might work include:

  • I am at peace with my past and I am hopeful for the future
  • I am more than my conditions, situations, and circumstances
  • I am powerful and have the ability to master my emotions and thoughts

Affirmations for gratitude for your evening

As you wind down from a long day of juggling all you do as a mom, a simple set of affirmations to give thanks can help relax your nervous system.  

You could use:

  • I am grateful that my heart is beating and I am alive
  • I am thankful for all I’m learning and I know I can be better for it
  • I am grateful for the blessings in my life and the people I share it with

Affirmations to ease insomnia

Insomnia is a complex situation that can be very debilitating in motherhood and in general, depending on its cause. 

Affirmations can help to ease the situation and get your head into the right place for sleep.  

Try something like:

  • I am open to sleeping deeply and peacefully all through the night 
  • I am able to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly
  • I am releasing and forgiving what happened in this day and surrendering to sleep

General sleep affirmations

Finally, some affirmations to help relax your mind and prepare you for sleep. 

These positive affirmations for sleep do not have a specific theme. They serve as your go-to nighttime mantras for a glorious restful night. 

31 Daily Positive Sleep Affirmations for Moms

  • I am safe and I can enjoy a full night of restful sleep
  • I am inviting peaceful and restoring sleep tonight and every night
  • I am ready to allow my body and mind to rest and relax
  • I am welcoming happy, positive, hopeful dreams tonight
  • I am fully deserving of enjoying a good night of rest
  • I am letting go of every thought and feeling that doesn’t serve me
  • I am filling my mind with calming, relaxing, loving thoughts 
  • I am choosing to be at peace with today and let myself recharge for tomorrow
  • I am prioritizing my health so I can nourish, protect, and provide for my family
  • I am attracting a night of deep sleep and gentle dreams
  • I am enough. I do enough. I have enough
  • I am making decisions that contribute to improving my mental, physical, and emotional health 
  • I am inviting peace with every breath I am taking
  • I am worthy of self-care and I deserve rest and inner peace
  • I am choosing to be still and to find serenity within myself
  • I am taking care of my family and now it’s time to rest
  • I am inviting serenity into my space
  • I am honoring my body as I give myself permission to fall asleep
  • I am forgiving myself and others and focusing on the light within
  • I am open to waking up well-rested, refreshed, and recharged to be the best mom I can be
  • I am allowing myself to rest easily and inviting my mind to be still 
  • I am free to be in the present moment
  • I am allowing myself to fall into a deep healing sleep
  • I am a better mom when I get proper rest and sleep
  • I am invoking ease, grace, and serenity into my space
  • I am a peaceful sleeper and all my dreams are beautiful
  • I am allowed to take a break and I deserve a restful night
  • I am embracing calmness, stillness, and peacefulness within me
  • I am choosing peaceful, positive thoughts, so I can create a peaceful, positive home. 
  • I am committed to being a positive mom and sleep is my power tool
  • I am turning my bedroom a place of comfort, restorative sleep, and deep relaxation

Using positive sleep affirmations

Even if you are a night owl, you can use the effects of affirmations to help you be ready for bed, no matter what time that is.

Keeping these affirmations short and simple helps me memorize them, so even if I’m passing out on the couch, I can recite them in my head.

Repetition is a way to convince yourself of what you are saying and is a contributing factor to successful affirmations.

Even though we can practice affirmations at any time in the day, repetition is even more important with sleep.  

It’s wise to always put in a request to command our subconscious mind before we go to bed. That’s when the REM cycle starts and those positive suggestions will have the best results

So I’ve found that repeating sleep affirmations on a daily basis, and even during the day, helps set the tone for a good night’s sleep.

Effective Habits for Peaceful Sleep Beyond Night Affirmations

I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat the truth. It can be extremely hard to establish healthy sleep habits when you’re a mom. 

I joke that I haven’t slept in 19 years, and it’s really no joke. 

There are times in which a single mom has to do what she has to do. And yet, I can also say that I have found myself living in survival mode, simply because I’ve learned to be a survivor.

What I mean is – yes, motherhood often comes with a lack of sleep, but if we are disciplined and creative, not every night has to be sleepless. 

There are nights when passing out on the couch for a couple of hours is the best sleep I can get. There are others when I can actually follow a sleep schedule, put on my cozy pajamas, put away my electronics, and go into a quiet feel-good ritual to set myself up for success.

No, it doesn’t guarantee undisturbed sleep, but there’s something about expecting the best and being ready to accept what is.

There are 3 tools that I’ve found to be useful:


I use essential oils all throughout the day, and I’m especially grateful for their calming effects at night. 

Lavender, Valerian, and Roman Chamomile are my favorites and besides doing a few inhalations while reciting my sleep affirmations, I can also put some drops in my diffuser to last all night. 


With journaling, you can put all your tense thoughts and feelings down about the past and the future on paper before repeating your positive affirmations. 

Journaling is a very therapeutic practice to release mistakes and to relieve worry, fear, and anxiety, or any tension or stress of the day.


Sometimes the burdens that cause us to lose sleep are overwhelming. Asking for help from your Higher Power can help your affirmations become more believable: we feel that we don’t have to achieve these things on our own. 

Prayer is not just a request, it’s also the practice of listening. The comfort, guidance, and reassurance we get from God can help the mind shut down and the body to fall asleep faster. It can also help you have a great day the next day!

Tap into the Power of Affirmations

Quality sleep is necessary for physical health and overall wellness, even emotional wellness.

In addition to alleviating your sleep problems, mindfulness training and positive thinking practices create new neural pathways so you can cultivate a more positive attitude, and ultimately be a happier mom and a happier human being. This is the best way to become a positive mom!

Have you tried positive affirmations for sleep? Share your favorite and how you use it in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out my 31 positive pregnancy affirmations and the 31 positive affirmations to step into your inner power!

Elayna Fernandez - Bestselling Author - 
Transformational Trainer and Keynote Speaker - Mentor to Mom Entrepreneurs

© Elayna Fernández ~ The Positive MOM
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