Encourage Your Child To Be A Creator

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Are you a consumer or a creator? What about your kids?

A consumer is an individual who buys, uses, eats, reads, and interacts with things, content, and ideas created by others.

A creator is someone who uses their talents, ideas, or labor to shape the world around them.

In our modern society, consumption is highly glorified. Somehow, if you have the means to use, buy, eat, read, or otherwise consume what others have created, “you have it made,” or “you’re living the dream.”

While consumption is necessary for survival, I believe that creating is on a higher domain, one in which we are in closer communion with God, because He himself is a Creator, and we are exercising our divine heritage.

Think of a world legend. Isn’t their legacy something they created? The legendary beings created ideas, composed symphonies, wrote founding documents or stories that educate, inspire, or entertain, they made a discovery, patented an invention, started a movement…

My belief is that, to live to our greatest potential, we must be balanced in the time we devote to consume and to create. We must nurture our genius, and multiply our talents, like the parable teaches. (Matthew 25:14-30)

Modern technology has been revolutionary in that it allows us anyone to be a creator. You don’t need a lot of time, resources, or expertise in order to create something that others will consume.

It is in the experiential application of our knowledge that we find true understanding, wisdom, and confidence.

The rising generation is consuming more content than we ever thought would be possible: articles, blog posts, photos, videos, gifs, tweets, and posts, and Apps. However, stats show that a very small percentage actually create content.

I have taught my daughters to be creators in the areas they are passionate about whether they are initially gifted in this area or not. When I look at their art today, I am amazed at their creations, and it makes me happy I encouraged them to keep drawing, even when the wall and the furniture were used as canvas, and I wanted to pull my hair out.

I am happy I said yes to an excited 6-year-old that wanted to “become an author like mom,” and that I used my own resources to publish her book on her 7th birthday, to then see her get a publishing deal with her sister at only ages 9 and 10, showcasing their words and their art, and become bestsellers, helping other kids gain greater self-esteem.

Do you encourage your child to be a creator?

I found a resource that will help you encourage your children to read and to create their own eBooks (electronic books).

eBook Plaza - read and create ebooks for free

When you download PreK12Plaza (English) or Plaza Bilingüe (Spanish) to your tablet or smartphone, your students get FREE access to hundreds of eBooks in six reading levels, and they can also create their own eBooks, adding text, images, and their own voices.

My daughters love eBook Plaza:

“I love how easy it is to create an eBook and I think even very young kids can be taught to create their own ebook. I love how you can write about anything and really use your creativity to teach others. You can upload images from your phone or tablet and even take pictures to add to your ebook, and I love recording my voice so others can hear me read my eBook. I chose to write about “7 steps to speak confidently in public,” and I love how eBook plaza allows me to publish my ebook, where it can then be accessible all over the country so other kids can read my eBook. I’m so excited to create more eBooks in English and in Spanish!” ~ Elisha, my 14 year-old daughter.

This bilingual multimedia resource aligns with State standards including reading, speaking, and listening, which drives innovation and collaboration while enhancing the reading experience.

Edit page / ebook creation at Ebook Plaza

Studies have shown there are many benefits of eBooks and blended learning, including:

  • improvement in phonemic awareness and print-concept awareness
  • assisting in development of literacy skills
  • increasing student engagement at all levels
  • driving parental engagement
  • increasing independent learning skills development of digital skills including digital citizenship, information management skills, and collaboration skills

eBooks have been around since Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented them in 1971! Today, eBooks are a popular way to consume content, and now our kids can easily create their own.

ebook to speak confidently at eBook Plaza

Our didactic method emphasizes comprehension and co-creation, both of which are at the center of our new eBook Plaza app,” said fellow Dominican Ana Roca Castro, Founder and CEO of PreK12 Plaza, a social impact enterprise working to ignite the genius in every child.

eBook Plaza is also very easy-to-use and navigate, the content is conveniently grouped by grade, and adapts to multiple learning styles. You can also learn and create content anywhere, which is perfect for my homeschooling mom lifestyle!

ebook creation at eBook Plaza and Plaza Bilingue

I encourage you to download PreK12Plaza (English) or Plaza Bilingüe (Spanish), and let your child create an eBook, so your child can be entered on a contest for the opportunity to win an Amazon gift card. The contest just started and runs through November 22nd. The winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday, November 23, so stay connected with #ebookPlaza and #PlazaBilingue to find out if your child won!

I’ll also be attending the Bilingual eBook Plaza App Twitter Party Tuesday, November 15 at 8:30 pm EST. Join me!

The eBook Plaza app is available for free at  iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.  Additional information and downloads are available at: PreK12Plaza (English) or Plaza Bilingüe (Spanish). You can also follow PreK12Plaza on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Consuming is necessary and we all do it, but if we do not set aside some time to create, we may end up consuming too much, which will create anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

While creating requires discipline, mental energy, and a dose of vulnerability, when we create we slowly gain more confidence, find our voice, and find our purpose. It’s so worth it!

Are you ready to encourage your child to be a creator, as well and become one yourself?  Share your thoughts with us in a comment below!

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24 thoughts on “Encourage Your Child To Be A Creator

  1. I exercise my kids on doing his talent like I always gave her a pen and a paper and she starts to draw, she sings and dance even at the age of nearly 2 years old! She’s good and I think this post is good on encouraging moms to let their kids create! 🙂 It helps them to stimulate their visuals, thinking skills and their imagination 🙂

  2. When we consume something we have to give it back by creating. I think we can’t avoid having to become consumers but it would be great to teach our kids how to become creators with us as an example.

  3. This will be great for kids to teach how to be a creator! This will help them to be more imaginative and in creating they can discover talents.)

  4. What a smart and fun idea! I think, kids will love it. This is a great way to encourage kids! It’s such an brilliant idea.

  5. With a 5 month old at home it is often hard to keep my older child occupied while I’m feeding his sister. We’ve recently started “creative activities” during times when she eats which keep him engaged and serve a purpose of learning as well.

  6. I don’t have kids but I truly believe that encouraging kids to develop a new hobby is very important to expand their horizon and change their perspective towards life as they’re the future of our nation!

  7. I love this! I remember that when my Parents agreed to let me go to study Acting at University, some of their Friends were horrified at the thought because they felt it wasn’t important was was a waste of time and money. I’m so glad that I did it though because it certainly helped with my self confidence issues and nerves.

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