Casting Out The Five Lethal Demons

Have you ever read the New Testament? Since I have not personally witnessed any cases of exorcism, I have always wondered how casting out demons would be relevant to our day. I have come to understand that negative thoughts and self-talk are the modern-day demons we must constantly cast out.

I believe we all have a little voice – which I call the “inner bully” –  and it is completely obsessed with putting us down. Mine is ALWAYS talking to me. It is obsessive, unceasing, and untiring.

cast out your inner bully

Our inner bully wants to stop us in our tracks. And it can. And it will if we let it. I’ve identified five lethal demons that aid the inner bully in its attacks:

  1. The inner bully COMPARES – when we compare ourselves to others, we will, by definition, find something worse or better about ourselves. Comparison is a disease. The inner bully wants you to focus on your “shortcomings.” To defeat it, choose to CELEBRATE  your uniqueness’s, and those of others around you. Remind yourself that your journey is not right nor wrong, it is simply yours. Just keep on moving!
  2. The inner bully COMPETES – Have you ever felt you needed to prove something? I have. Times and times again. Society and culture wants us to be “super moms” or “top executives,” and you know what, it’s not a race, it’s a journey. It takes a village to raise a child, or to run a business, and we must COLLABORATE and partner with each other to achieve our desired results.
  3. The inner bully CRITICIZES – I have voluntarily indulged in “what’s wrong with me?” parties where only self-pity and misery were invited to hear the horrid answers. Then I had an a-ha moment: If I am to love others like I love myself, then I must COMPLIMENT myself and stop beating myself up. I decided to let go and let God. We have, and do, and will make mistakes, but in the immortal words of Dr. Seuss those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. If you learn, you win!
  4. The inner bully COMPLAINS – Trust me, I teach the message I need. I have learned that whenever we complain, we are usually expecting someone else to do something, when we are unwilling or unable to do something about it. My remedy for complaints is gratitude, yet I know gratitude is far fetched in those moments, so why not CONTRIBUTE what we can to make the situation better? I assure you it will be an empowering practice, and while we won’t probably stop altogether, we can live in a space of personal power through a positive outlook.
  5. The inner bully CONDEMNS – There comes a moment which our self-talk has become so negative that we seem to blame everything on ourselves and our “imperfection.” Being imperfect is what enables us to grow. I grew up in a perfectionist household and I never felt I was good enough, so I decided to break that cycle and COMMEND myself, instead. I am consciously a praise-queen, especially to myself, and my children see that and emulate it. When you are about to curse upon your beautiful self, remember your achievements, your positive qualities, what the people who love you think of you… and OWN it!

I assure you that ridding yourself of the poisonous habits of comparing, competing, criticizing complaining, and condemning, will be a really empowering experience. When a negative thought comes over you, refocus and move forward. You will not be perfect at it, so just remind yourself that progress IS success!  One doesn’t drown from falling into water, but from dwelling there.

You can celebrate, collaborate, compliment, contribute, commend…and reclaim the JOY you were created to have.

Elayna Fernandez - Author - 
Speaker - Success Guide to Moms and Mompreneurs
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54 thoughts on “Casting Out The Five Lethal Demons

  1. I love all your blog posts, Elayna, but this by far has to be my most favorite. I have to admit, I’m a very competitive person, and I can totally relate to this battle with the inner bully. 🙂

  2. The Power of Positive Thinking is definitely the way to go if you want to attain inner peace and happiness. I loved this post-it is so very true.

  3. I love your thinking. I do this to myself alot. I compare myself to others. I worry if I’m good enough. I am a very competitive to myself person

  4. I always make sure to think positively and only surround myself with positive people. I use to go hard on myself and when I stop being so negative it really helped me become a better person.

    Wonderful post again Elayna!

  5. GREAT POST!!! I know for a while in my life I’d listen to that inner bully…but I’ve shut her down for a few years now and feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  6. I LOVE this Elayna! Fighting the inner bully is such a perfect image for negative self talk. Thank you for this image. It is easier to battle a bully when you call them out.

  7. Great article!!!! Our inner dialogue can sometimes be far more damaging than what other people might say to us. Especially stress, we bring it upon ourselves. It’s all about self love.

    Love your thoughts!!

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  9. I love this post! Awesome reminder! It dovetails perfectly with a wonderful book I’m reading called “Crash the Chatterbox” by Stephen Furtick. The chatterbox is the same as the inner bully that you talk about. I highly recommend this book since we all battle those inner voices that push us to think and act contrary to God’s will. As Jesus said, the truth is the only thing that will set us free.

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  11. Hi sweetheart,
    You are amazing! I LOVED this blog and love seeing your beautiful children and how happy you are. This blog was what I needed to see today, so thank you for your incredible words of empowerment to us moms. You are so talented! I miss you and your cheerful smile!


  12. I love this. Am really going to act on it. I have problem letting go off my past mistakes of the time and do complain bitterly when things are not the way I want. Thank you

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