The 12 Universal Laws That Govern Your Results In Life

The past week was bittersweet because it marked the end of the Summer sessions of the Stepping Into BALANCE virtual mentoring experience. This meant saying good-bye to some of the moms and getting into deeper inner-work with others.

One of the reasons I love group coaching is the beautiful dynamic that happens because of the diversity of the women in the groups: different ethnicity, walks of life, ages, faiths, and even mothering style, just to name a few.

During the last call with one of the groups, I felt inspired go into The Laws Of The Universe as part of my parting words. I have been thinking about that topic for a little while, because it is often misunderstood, and yet, one that resonates the most with my mentees.

In Job 38:33, we read:

Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?”

The “ordinances of heaven and earth” (Jeremiah 33:25) or what people call “The Laws Of The Universe” or “The Laws of Nature” are imminent, infallible laws that govern our universe, the universe that God created. Every plant, rock, animal, matter, and person is ruled by those laws.

The 12 Universal Laws That Govern Your Results In Life

I love sharing these principles because I usually mentor  moms who feel stuck, experience a lot of struggle, face a lot of resistance, and feel like they are all over the place in life and in their business. Navigating life without knowing the “laws of heaven and earth” is like driving somewhere you’ve never been without a GPS. These fundamental principles about life can ease our pain and lack of direction.

Here is a brief outline of the 12 Universal Laws that govern your results in life (and everyone’s):

Universal Law #1 ~ The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything is connected to everything and everyone is connected to everyone. We are all brothers and sisters with a divine nature, and every thought, belief, word, and action of one affects every being that was, is, or will be (directly and/or indirectly). I love this law because there is divinity within each of us, and we are of infinite worth to our Heavenly Father, so we must recognize that and have faith.

Universal Law #2 ~ The Law of Vibration

God created the universe so that it vibrates, moves, and travels in circular patterns or motions; nothing rests, and all things are made of energy. Our feelings, emotions, visions, desires, thoughts, dreams, words, and will, attract and resonate with energies with similar frequency.

For example, when you bless adversity, and act in gratitude as if you already have and are what you desire, then it will come to you, because you are raising your vibrational frequency. The scriptures often speak about “rejoicing in our tribulations,” because joy attracts joy as much as “misery loves company.”

Universal Law #3 ~ The Law of Action

Faith without works is dead. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do, when you engage in inspired actions that support your faith and belief. This does not mean you need to struggle, but you do put in attention and effort to manifest your intentions. Work is an eternal principle that was designed to teach us, challenge us, and help us grow.

Universal Law #4 ~ The Law of Correspondence

As the years go by, this law becomes more and more obvious to me: everything that is above reflects below, and your outer world reflects your inner world. Universal and ethereal principles have a corresponding principle in the physical plane. Everything that is temporal reflects a higher spiritual, eternal law . You can “take dominion” and change your circumstances from the inside out.

Universal Law #5 ~ The Law of Cause and Effect

Like Master Oogway says “there are no accidents.” Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause (thought, word, or action) has an effect, result, and consequence. We are agents and choose in which direction we go, and with each choice, we create the circumstances that align with that choice. I always say: choices create circumstances!

Universal Law #6 ~ The Law of Compensation

You’ve heard this wisdom in many ways: Karma, The Golden Rule , or “we reap what we sow” .

It also teaches that we could expect rewards, blessings, miracles, and prosperity when we choose what is right and in alignment with our life’s purpose.

For example, when you are the source of love, joy, peace, trust, and abundant generosity, you will also be the recipient of those gifts. It’s not wrong to receive, but clearly, it is better to give cheerfully, because that is the only way to receive, and, in turn, to expand our capacity to give more.

Universal Law #7 ~ The Law of Attraction

When we ask and have the faith to know it is possible, we are then ready to receive it , and “for as he thinketh in in heart so is he” .

In Matthew 5, Jesus taught that anger and lust are just as homicide and adultery, because our thoughts become things. It sounded crazy then and it may sound crazy now, but entertaining negative, destructive, and self-sabotaging thoughts will bring them to reality as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” It is not about merely “wishing” or “hoping” or “visualizing” things, but being conscious to align our thoughts with the results we desire.

Universal Law #8 ~ The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

I looked up the word transmutation, and it means “the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.” It’s a transformation and a conversion, because energy is in constant motion . As daughters of God, we can harness the creative power within us to change our lives.

This law also states that higher vibrational energies consume lower energies. It’s the “Let Go and Let God,” allow, and surrender law. Any fear-based resistance (like control or perfectionism) blocks divine providence and grace from manifesting in our lives.

Universal Law #9 ~ The Law of Relativity

Everything works together for our good . This life is an opportunity to learn, grow, and progress, and every person is given a series of tests, challenges, and situations with the purpose to strengthen them, and connect or draw them closer to God. Life happens for you, not to you. Learn to see hardships as stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks.

This law also teaches to put everything into its right perspective. The nature, value, or quality of something is measured in relation to another object.

Universal Law #10 ~ The Law of Polarity

There is opposition in all things. We appreciate light in the darkness, joy in the sorrow, and companionship in solitude. Solid-liquid, hot-cold, up-down, sad-glad, good-bad… everything has an opposite, we can see the difference, and choose for ourselves. Without one the other would not exist and one is created out of the absence of the other .

If something is not working for you, direct your attention to its opposite, and you will be empowered.. in other words, “BE Positive and You’ll BE Powerful!”

Universal Law #11 ~ The Law of Rhythm

What comes around goes around, and what goes up must come down.” All energy vibrates and moves according to a certain rhythm. Everything has natural cycles, seasons, patterns, and stages of development. Each cycle is a reflection of the regularity of God’s universe. To master each rhythm, you must rise above any negative part of the cycle. stay in flow throughout these rhythms of life. Like my dad says, “after the storm, at least comes the calm.

Universal Law #12 ~ The Law of Gender

Also called the Law of Gestation; it states that when we plant a seed (masculine / yang), it requires time and nurturing to grow and manifest (feminine / ying). Patience and persistence are necessary to succeed in any endeavor, and many give up right before the goal is reached. Trust in God’s timing! .

What Difference Do The Universal Laws Make?

The Universal laws help us understand the greatness of God, as well as His loving and merciful ways, because, if you think about it, this magnificent order allows us predictability and help us prevent chaos.

Whether we believe so or not, we are creators of our own life. Our thoughts become beliefs, which govern our choices. These, in turn, determine our actions, and ultimately, our destiny. 

Knowing, understanding, and aligning with the laws of the universe that God created can help us become conscious and intentional about what we create. We are empowered to create our own reality by design, and not by default, because everything that God put in place in this universe works with you and for you.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you heard about the laws of the universe before? Let me know by commenting below, and share this post with someone you think may enjoy it.

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  11. I hadn’t heard of some of these, but they make total sense. That’s where mystery lives, in the universal laws we don’t understand and ofter frustrate us. I will research more about them to understand them better. Thanks for sharing!

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