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3 Simple Ways To Live Your Purpose

Late last week, after our morning scripture study, I was discussing “the sickness of popularity” with my daughters. That’s what I call the “need” to be popular, to gain validation, or to fit into a group or category.

Elayna Fernandez - The Positive MOMAlthough I know that, according to Maslow, a “sense of belonging” is a major human need in his pyramid, I have never really belonged anywhere, and I have been just fine with that.

So many people back out or give up on a dream, or compromise their core desires just to fit in somewhere, or because they constantly worry about what others might think. I find that very sad because I deeply believe we were all designed with unique gifts and have a divine right (and duty!) to shine our light and live our purpose.

I have found that being different, being who you are, and following your passions unapologetically sure comes with lots of judgment, unsolicited commentary, and assumptions. I often laugh at these hilarious facts:

  1. No one really cares about my protein intake until they find out I’m vegan!

  2. No one really cares about my children’s socialization skills until they find out I homeschool!

  3. No one really cares about my children’s child play until they know they’re kidprepreneurs!

A couple months ago, the girls and I attended Roberto Candelaria’s Sponsorship Bootcamp – an event I highly recommend to entrepreneurs, aspiring authors and speakers.  By the end of the first day, most attendees were astonished at my little girls’ presence, wisdom, and social skills (as I often am). On the second day, I sat with a lady who had a confession that left me speechless:
When you came into the room with those precious girls, I scoffed and I thought “oh…great! Another lousy mom who couldn’t find a sitter and will make these poor kids sit through something that will bore them to death!” I want to apologize… and congratulate you. What a wonderful job you have done with your girls!

Truth is, the girls were the ones who wanted to attend and they were beyond excited for the opportunity to do so. People can judge, assume, and scoff…but at the end of the day, only YOUR results matter.

When Making a Choice,

Use These 3 Simple Ways To Live Your Purpose:

  1. Remember What Matters To You ~ you don’t have to be what others are, do what others do, or have what others have!  You choose your own standards and priorities.
  2. Get Rid Of The COU Syndrome ~ People are busy with their own lives…Most of the time, they don’t even notice you. [COU = center of the universe LOL]
  3. Judgment Can Only Hurt If You Let It ~ You definitely cannot control what people think or say, but you can control whether you let them hurt you or not. Their thoughts – good, bad or indifferent – are their own.

I’m a weird vegan homeschooling mom of kidpreneurs with unusual beliefs and a silly playful attitude. I love the choices I have made. No one has imposed them on me. They are a result of who I am and who I am becoming. They work for me and for my family. They make me proud because they remind me I am aware, awake, and conscious.  I know I say this a lot but here it is again: RESULTS Don’t Lie!

Remember what Bill Cosby once said: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”


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