7 Simple Ways To Gain Financial Self-reliance

The Blogalicious Weekend experience has been incredibly empowering so far and there is so much I’m going to share with you! It’s been a joy to serve as a Social Media Ambassador and as a judge for the Perfect Pitch IV, by Wells Fargo, as well as to see my 13 and 14 year old daughters’ speaking!

Of course, Elisha and Elyssa’s session was my favorite by default, but I will tell you that Nely Galán’s keynote, sponsored by Coca-Cola truly resonated with me and I was thinking of you as she shared her story and her secrets to becoming a self made mogul and gain financial self-reliance.


If you have not heard of Nely Galán, then my oh my, I recommend you get familiar with her, her book (aff link), and her movement. She’s a women’s empowerment advocate a true testament of the hustle of entrepreneurship. She’s an empowered single mom, too!

Originally from Cuba, using freedom of expression, using her voice, and following her intuition launched her in a journey that led her to become the first Latina President of Entertainment for a U.S. television network (Telemundo). She is an Emmy Award-winning producer of over 600 episodes of television in Spanish and English, including the FOX hit reality series “The Swan”.

Galán Entertainment has helped launch 10 groundbreaking television channels in Latin America, and has also produced 700 episodes of programming that cross all genres, from reality series to sitcoms, telenovelas to talk shows, in both English and Spanish.

Speaking of her secret to rising to the top, she said: “I stopped making TV shows and started making TV channels!” Though you and I may not be TV producers, we can take her story as an analogy to think bigger and expand our possibilities in both our personal and business life.

7 Simple Ways To Gain Financial Self-reliance

Though there are certainly a lot more ways to gain financial self-reliance and empowerment that Nely shared with us, I chose these five that I know will serve you and you can take action on right away!

Self Made Woman Rule #1 ~ Take Ownership In All You Do.

Think like an owner in everything you do, in every job, in every circumstance, and always have a side hustle!

Self Made Woman Rule #2 ~ To be chosen, you have to choose yourself FIRST!

Power is taken, NOT given, so you must be louder, bolder, and braver each time, displaying the confidence and belief in yourself that you want others to have in you.

Self Made Woman Rule #3 ~ Be Your Own Prince Charming

I am definitely my own Prince Charming and I love this message so much, because it refers to taking personal responsibility and being your own advocate. A man is not a plan, whether he’s your husband, your boss, or the president of the country you live in.

You have everything within you to be your own Prince Charming, to create your own rich life in every way. I loved the analogy of how he should be the icing, not the cake – you are the cake, and you’re always baking the cake to make it better.

Self Made Woman Rule #4 ~ Set Money Goals

To create a rich life, you must change your mindset from instant gratification to goal orientation. Your self-made journey is made up of MISSION and MONEY!

The money is an important piece because you can’t be a wounded healer. Many of us grew up thinking that RICH is a bad word, but though money doesn’t buy you happiness, it does buy you freedom. Your goal must be to make money, then you can save money, which leads to invest money, and then you make money while you sleep!

I think we all loved her catch phrase: “buy building, not shoes,” because it really represents a higher level of thinking and planning for your future.

Self Made Woman Rule #5 ~ Change Your Relationship With Fear and Failure

We must become best friends with fear and failure. They teach us, they refine us, they help us grow. We’re always going to feel fear, so we must do it afraid. Nely kept saying “I was afraid but I did it anyway,” and I could absolutely relate because I can say that about every success I’ve ever had. And as per failures, they teach us to fail forward and fail faster, so we can get to our next success!

Self Made Woman Rule #6 ~ Embrace Pain

Pain can be a wise teacher. Nely said that your pain is the gateway to your most authentic brand. I believe this so much that, in fact, I’ve been sharing my philosophy that “in your pain lies your purpose” for quite a while now. The power of your pain story can create healing for yourself, growth for your business, and transformation for your audience.

Self Made Woman Rule #7 ~ Pass the torch! 

I am very passionate about women’s empowerment and mentoring in entrepreneurship, so Nely is a soul sister already! Like me, she has made it her mission to teach women—regardless of age or background—how they too can become entrepreneurs and live on their own terms.

And because becoming self made is a lifetime journey of mastery, we do not need to be perfect to empower others. We can simply break down how we did what they want to do, so they can do it. We can empower other moms, and we can empower our kids!

elisha-elyssa-self-made-adelante-interviewNely is part of the Coca-Cola Company Advisory Council, and her participation at Blogalicious8 was part of Coca-Cola’s partnership to support the Blogalicious community.

I was so pumped after this keynote speech and I was tweeting like a maniac! I was able to connect with Nely and she was so sweet to gift Elisha, Elyssa, and I an autographed book. She also had her production team interview us about our own passions and projects.


Her book, SELF MADE: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way, was written as a manifesto to ignite the SELF MADE movement, uniting all women on a quest for an economic future they control. She’s also the founder of the nonprofit The Adelante Movement (“Move it forward!” in Spanish), which seeks to train and empower Latinas to become entrepreneurs, and all multi-cultural women.

I love this message and I support women who empower other women to rise up and take ownership in ways big and small, and take financial control of their own lives. And that’s what happens at Blogalicious. It is the common thread to everything I have experienced and it just keeps getting better!

What are your tips to gain financial self-reliance? Share your experience with all the positive moms in the comments below. Un beso!

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37 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways To Gain Financial Self-reliance

  1. Great post! So much valuable information for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and latinas as a whole no matter your path in life. Posts like these serve to inspire women. Thanks for posting!

  2. I pay all my bills and at the end of the month move the leftover money to savings and at the end of the year invest the savings into investments. I should be happily retired by fifty. Ten more years!

  3. This is so empowering for women. Ive always tried to set my own financial goals. Now that IM married though we do that together.

  4. That sounds like a great event! And how awesome are your daughters already giving speeches? This is a great post. I especially love #2. We sometimes forget that!

  5. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes and looking forward with positivity towards the future is one way I am working on gaining self-reliance with my finances. We have to empower ourselves to take control and not wait for someone else to do if for us or show us how.

  6. Such solid tips! I love the feeling of being independent financially and otherwise. More women should be encouraged to do the same!

  7. I love “be your own prince charming” it is such an important thing for women to acknowledge that yes a man is not a plan. I work very hard to make sure that i can support myself independent from anyone.

  8. Wow! This is wonderful. I need to do this! It makes me feel so bright and intelligent reading this rules! “To be chosen, you have to choose yourself FIRST”, Set your Money goal, and Embrace Pain!” So encouraging!

  9. I am bookmarking this post! Love it! Point number 4 was such a good one, we are so hooked on Instant purchase gratification as a Society that we forget about saving for the bigger things that will bring us more joy and happiness. Great post!

  10. This will have to be the next book I read. It will be great for my Daughter to read to. She is in University and learning about finances.

  11. I like that most of this is about having self love before anything else. In order to be successful, you would have to believe in yourself first, it’s such a confidence booster!

  12. Phwoah, What a powerful, positive , empowering post. But then again didn’t expect any less from Elayna 🙂
    Self reliance is essential in these end times! Its also part of being a full person able to provide and yet also receive. I loove the sound of Self Made, sounds like my kind if book. I just finished Grant Cardones Be Obsessed…Lets see my next read! 🙂
    Julie Syl

  13. Wow! Amazing post, I need that book! What stood out the most to me was about being the cake. All my life, a man supported me. As a work at home mom, my first responsibility is taking care of the kids and house, and work is a “hobby”, but it’s not wise. Great post. Lots to think about.

  14. I love Nelly, she is very inspirational! I have always work and made money, but I haven’t been an good steward of my money and that’s something I’m working on. Love number two and number four, very powerful!

  15. I love your post, very accurate to help women to gain financial self-reliance. By your words I can tell Nely is a very powerful women and so her book. Though I don´t think the 7 ways are as simple as they may look. Each one demands a lot of courage and bravery from us. But they are so worthy!

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