How I Became Friends With Les Brown

Les Brown Motivational Speaker, Renown Author and Speech CoachBest known for his signature phrase “You Gotta Be Hungry!”, Les Brown is a top motivational speaker, speech coach and best selling author. He went from being left at birth at an abandoned building in Liberty City, FL and being labeled“the dumb twin”  to 3-term State legislator in Ohio and winner of The Golden Gavel Award as a keynote speaker.

In 2009, he became my client, friend, and MENTOR.

My new year’s resolution was to take an empowering direction in my life. I wrote my goals down and was determined to take action.

On January 15, 2009, my friend Nancy invited me to the private broadcast of the movie Beyond the Secret at the Naples movie theater. The Beyond the Secret  two-hour panel was a follow up to the highly praised film and best selling book by Rhonda Byrne.   As soon as I made it home, I blogged about how I felt that Les Brown was talking directly to me and how I loved his interventions the most out of all the amazingly inspirational panelists.

Les Brown - The World's Top Motivational Speaker and Speaker Trainer

My friend Nancy said Les Brown was going to be at the Vemma convention in Las Vegas at the end of the month and she could get me in. I said “I’m going” and I did.  I said “I’m going to meet Les Brown” and I did.

During his speech, I was pumped!  I was HUNGRYYYY!!!  When he was done, I ran like a Dominican baseball player and went through security. LOL Nothing was going to stop me. They caught up with me but by that time I was hugging Les and giving him my business card. Les asked the security guard to take a picture of us. I laugh just thinking about it.

I came back home and felt empowered. I couldn’t stop talking about how I met Les Brown. I was so excited to see how when you set an intention and follow through with your actions, you receive the results you were seeking: Applied Faith!

About 10 days after the event, I received a phone call and the caller identified himself as Les Brown. I was convinced it was a prank call, but it turns out it wasn’t. He loved my business card and my “firecrackerness” LOL.  We had an incredible conversation and many followed up.

On February 21, Les  flew me to L.A.  and after my interview with him and Mr. Positive, I became part of the Les Brown Enterprises team.  Can you say “Surreal”?

Les Brown Motivational Speaker, Renown Author and Speech CoachWhile I enhanced Les ‘ marketing and web presence, he inspired me to become a motivational speaker and to share my many stories with the world. I have read every book, listened to every audio program, watched every video and attended each conference for a whole year.  Through Les , I have also met other great friends who continue to bless my life.

Les ‘ friendship has been a blessing to me, of which he says: “you made it happen, Elayna. Out of 3,000 attendees, you ran backstage…YOU were HUNGRY!”

Are You HUNGRY? Make it happen!!!!

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17 thoughts on “How I Became Friends With Les Brown

  1. Elayna, this is a very encouraging story, and thank you for sharing it. It reminds me to press forth, to keep going until you get what you came here for. Take the risk, what do you have to loose! It is amazing how God works and brings foth so many blessing just because we will reach out!

  2. Elayna, this is an amazing, uplifting, and inspirational story! I think you definitely have that firecrackerness! It shows just in your smile. Keep on being hungry and going for it!


  3. Les must be one heck pf a good speaker and from what you say he really can motivate people to make the most of themselves! Kudos to you for outrunning security!!

  4. 🙂 Love the story and I def. think that if you want something bad enough you need to reach out and take it 🙂

  5. This is an awesome story. That is when I say purpose for everything and everyone you meet in life. It is nice when you meet the ones who inspire you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. WOW, I wish I could be doing what you are doing. What an inspiration you are to many women. At the age of 53, I have decided to reinvent my self. I have heard Les Brown speak at Amway Conferences many years ago, probably 20 years. I have 3 adult girls, and I have let life get away from me. I recently stared to listen to Les Brown again on utube, I had forgotten what a genius he is. I was looking into how to get mentored by him, does he teach classes. I would really appreciate any help that you can give me.

    Thank you

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  8. Wow! That’s incredible, well done to you for being passionate enough to back up your purpose.. You fulfilled your hunger and became satisfied!
    Amazing, I would love such an opportunity to meet Les.
    Congratulations on your success,
    Keep shining goddess x ✨

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