Mastering The Lost Art Of Taking Personal Responsibility

Historian and writer Thomas Carlyle once said “The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.” One of the most empowering choices you can make is to take responsibility for what you think, say, and do.

Personal Responsibility is consciously embracing our lives as a reflection of our thoughts, choices, and reactions, rather than viewing ourselves as perpetual victims, helpless and powerless to what “inevitably” happens to us or to our inescapable nature.

Free will is a divine gift because when used well, it activates blessings, miracles, and favor.  Instead of getting caught up in finding who’s fault it is or blaming everything in everyone but ourselves, we can learn valuable lessons that add expanded WISDOM, STRENGTH, PEACE, and COMPASSION to our emotional and spiritual toolkit, and even break generational cycles of erratic results and misery.

It’s no secret that there are indeed plenty of situations we cannot control… and we certainly cannot control people. However, we are 100% free to choose our response to those people or events. I’m sure you know people who have gone through the same challenges, or have lived the exact same tragedy, or have the same disability, yet they adopt opposite attitudes. We often let circumstances and other people define us and forget what God says about us. We can choose differently.

Personal responsibility requires us to stare at the huge log in our own eye and stop blaming everything and everyone for what we see as misfortune.

Mastering The Lost Art Of Personal ResponsibilityA mommy mentee of mine was once buried in so much debt that it was affecting her relationships, her sanity, and her own self-worth. I guided her toward baby steps to getting her head above water, then back to the safe shore. She was “SICK OF HER CREDITORS!!!” she would complain… and I challenged that. I explained I view my creditors as a blessing: not everyone is extended credit; and many people don’t have the luxury of electricity, running water, and so forth.  I encouraged her to send them blessings, keep communication flowing, negotiate and, moving forward, use the golden rule of bills: pay others as you would like others to pay you. This mentality of personal responsibility, and other mindset tools we have worked through has empowered her to create more abundance for her and her family, free of GUILT and OVERWHELM!

The Secret To Master The Lost Art Of Taking Personal Responsibility

ART is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” Here’s how you can consciously create and design a life rich in personal responsibility:

Get Clear on what you really want and what is meaningful to you and Eliminate any Excuses you have been telling yourself to distort reality: catch yourself justifying and rationalizing and own up to your part in the situation. This will allow you to know exactly what you can correct, change, and/or control, and what to let go of.

SMILE! Personal responsibility is a learned discipline and it can remove heavy emotional burdens like worry, uncertainty, guilt, overwhelm, and shame, bringing you peace of mind, self-confidence, and earned respect. Whew!

When you acknowledge a fault, it turns into a lesson… one you’ve not only learned, but you can, in turn, teach others. Win-win-win! YAY!

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13 thoughts on “Mastering The Lost Art Of Taking Personal Responsibility

  1. I love this quote. I believe that we are responsible for everything in our lives. Whether it be to press an elevator button, to say something horrible, or whatever it may be. We need to take responsibility for it.

  2. Great advice! Yes, when we acknowledge where we have failed we can start learning. Also great way to see the debtors, a real way to chance your thinking and then to change your life.

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