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The Top Life-changing Books You Need To Read

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Someone once argued with me that books can not be life-changing because even if you read them, all you do is sit and read. He explained that only experiences like travel, work, people, activities, and emotions can change your life.

But I beg to differ. I insist. Books can change your life. Just one thing you read in a book can change your perspective and expand your consciousness, and when you change your thinking, you change your actions, and inevitably, you transform your results.

The top life changing books you need to read

I love reading. Reading is one of those habits that can shape your thinking and your lifestyle. I’ve read hundreds of books, and I do admit Sir Francis Bacon is right:

 Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

So if not all books are life-changing…

What’s a life-changing book?

A life-changing book doesn’t just entertain, inform, or inspire. A life-changing book speaks to your soul. A life-changing book sets you off on a journey of positive growth, ignites a fire in you, and makes you question everything you thought, knew, and believed.

The way I see it: a good book helps you learn things, a life-changing book helps you unlearn things. Life-Changing books impact the way you look at the world and the way you show up in the world – the way you BE!

Success, Happiness and Fulfillment are first created in our thoughts. Books change self-defeating thoughts into self-enhancing ones, provide guidance and, at times, move us to take steps in the right direction. They can help you develop a millionaire mom mindset!

The Top Life-changing Books You Need To Read

Since a positive life and a positive attitude start with positive thinking, I decided to share a bit of what’s on my bookshelves – some positive reads to feed your mind with tremendous value and wisdom, and more importantly, to feed your soul with lessons that took the authors decades of effort, heartache, and spiritual practice to learn!

The Success Principles ~ Jack Canfield

As a Certified Success Principles Trainer, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield is a book I read over and over again. These principles work if you work them and can help you create the life you desire.

The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose ~ Janet Attwood / Chris Attwood

I am a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and a featured storyteller in the book Inspired by The Passion Test and I know that reading The Passion Test can help you started on a journey of clarity toward a passionate and purposeful life. If you really want to solidify and put what you learn into action, I would love to work with you to get really clear about the direction you must go.

Who Moved My Cheese? ~ Spencer Johnson

I was required to read Who Moved My Cheese when I was majoring in Marketing in college and it remains one of my favorites. This book teaches us principles we must learn in order to experience positive growth.

As A Man Thinketh ~ James Allen

As A Man Thinketh is one of my favorite books of all time and I read it at least once each year individually and at least once as a family. It’s short and powerful and teaches us about the power of our thoughts and our mindset.

The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne

I’ve been blessed to be personally mentored, collaborate, and share the stage with many of The Secret teachers: Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and many more!

This book is about “The Law of Attraction,” which is one of the 12 universal laws that impact our life results.

Eat That Frog! ~ Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog! is a life-changing book by one of my most powerful mentors that helps battle procrastination by focusing on getting the most important tasks done first (even when it’s as hard as eating a live frog).

A Return to Love ~ Marianne Williamson

I can’t forget the day I met Marianne Williamson and she autographed this book for me! Reading A Return to Love is embarking in an empowering journey of self-discovery and love.

Warrior of the Light: A Manual ~ Paulo Coehlo

I first read this book in Spanish when my best friend gave it to me. It is a beautiful story that teaches us to bring out the Warrior of the Light within ourselves as we face failure and set out to become whom we want to be.

Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, as an assignment from Andrew Carnegie. This book is a must in the personal development and self-improvement library of any entrepreneur.

The Little Me and The Great ME ~ Lou Austin

The Little Me and The Great ME is a rare book and a precious find. It has been the first self-help book for each of my daughters, but it’s great for adults, too, teaching us the reality of the two competing natures in our being. Read more about it here.

Rhinoceros Success ~ Scott Alexander

I was given this book by one of my college professorsRhinoceros Success is a powerful tool to overcome obstacles and it was just what I needed to carry me through the hardship and tragedy of those days.

The Four Agreements : A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom  ~ don Miguel Ruiz

Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements teaches us how to end needless suffering, create joy, and experience freedom in our lives. You can read more here.

The Power of Now ~ Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now teaches us how to fight our ego to love the present and live in the present. So many precious truths in this one!

Man’s Search for Meaning ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning was written by a concentration camp survivor in 1946. His philosophy and perspective are keys to live a meaningful and fulfilling lives against all odds.

Awaken The Giant Within ~ Tony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within is a self-help book that serves as a powerful manual to master your inner game and take charge of your destiny.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success  ~ Carol Dweck

In Mindset, Carol Dweck teaches us that there are two mindsets: some have a fixed mindset and some have a growth mindset. Learn how a growth mindset can help you create positive growth.

The Greatest Salesman in the World ~ Og Mandino

This tiny book is a true treasure.The Greatest Salesman in the World, published in 1968, tells a surprising and classic story and shares principles to succeed as a salesman – or really anything else you want to be successful at in your life.

The 5 Love Languages ~ Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages teaches us to love others in the way they want to be loved. It is eye-opening and it will transform your relationships. Read more here.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull ~ Richard Bach

I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull as a little girl and it left an incredible impression on me. It’s a fable that features a seagull, teaching us to follow our hearts live life on our own terms.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People ~ Stephen R. Covey

The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold millions of copies worldwide and it shares 7 core principles to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment in life.

How to Win Friends & Influence People ~ Dale Carnegie

This highly- acclaimed book was published in 1936 and it has sold millions of copies worldwide and it was the first self-help book I ever read. I was 9 years old!

How to Win Friends & Influence People shares advice on how to become more influential, happy, and successful.

The Alchemist ~ Paulo Coehlo

This masterpiece was first published in Portuguese and now it’s a bestseller all over the world! The Alchemist is an adventure novel of self-discovery that reveals the code to become our own “personal legend.”

The Little Prince ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince is one of my favorite books ever. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it to my girls and I’ve learned something new each time. Timeless wisdom at its best.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind : Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth ~ T. Harv Eker

This book is a blueprint to achieve wealth and stop struggling financially. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a must-read if you are seeking financial freedom.

The Giving Tree ~ Shel Silverstein

This book is a family favorite. The selflessness and generosity of The Giving Tree is inspiring and great for reflection about how to live.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go ~ Dr. Seuss

I’ve said that all I need to know about life I learned from Dr. Seuss. The simple wisdom in Oh, the Places You’ll Go can guide us in creating a more positive life – day by day.

Outliers: The Story of Success ~ Malcolm Gladwell

The stories on this book blew my mind. Outliers are those who have been given opportunities—and who have had the courage to seize them.

The Books of Mathew, John, Mark, and Luke

I love these books in the New Testament because I am a follower and student of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are a Christian or not, you can learn from his words, his parables, and the example of how he lived his life on Earth.

Reading these books will change your life - guaranteed!

Ignorance is costly and wisdom is sacred – and when shared, it is immortal. I invite you to choose one book from this list, click on the title, buy it, read it, ponder it, and put at least one thing you learn into practice – consistent pondering and consistent practice. I challenge you to continue until you’ve finished each book on the list!

My humble opinion is that if you know how to read, you must read. Or in the words of Mark Twain:

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.

Are you a voracious reader? Share a book (or the books) that changed the way you look at life and how in the comments below!


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