The Only Goal You Need To Set For The New Year

Usually after all the Christmas celebrations are over, our thoughts turn to New Year’s Resolutions, and we start setting goals we want to achieve.
This is a great thing because experts in the science of success have proven that our subconscious mind seeks to make happen when we answer three questions:

  1. what?
  2. how much?
  3. by when?

Now, learning to set SMART goals and writing them down is the easy part. The tricky part is to figure out how to keep consistent and disciplined enough to achieve them.

The only goal you need to set for the new year (it's not what you think)

So today, I’m going to simplify things and tell you the only goal you need to set for the new year. Well, at least, it’s the only one I’m committed to happening, and telling myself:

BE a morning person.

You see, I have been blessed to cross paths with many successful people and to have been successful at a few things after much trial, error, and failure, plus I am an avid student of neuroscience and life. I’ve also worked with thousands of moms, mentoring them on making lasting change happen in order to create more JOY, BALANCE, and SUCCESS in their lives… and there is one law that is consistent throughout all achievement, and that actually, is recorded in the Bible:

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. Mark 1:35

The only goal you need to set for the new year is to wake up earlier and nurture yourself with what uplifts you before the kids wake up and the craziness of the day gets the best of you.

One of the things that gives me the most joy is when ancient wisdom, biblical truth, and modern science agree and arrive at the same point. This universe works in the same way regardless of what we claim our faith to be… and the truth works on behalf of anyone who lets it set them free.

So here’s my plan: I will rise earlier every day in 2016. That’s my only goal!

I will be joining the most successful people in the planet in their morning rituals, setting the tone for my day, and therefore, for my business, and, most importantly, for my family.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Franklin meant women, too.  Early risers enjoy better productivity, creativity, and balance in their life. Early risers achieve their goals more quickly and more easily, and are happier and less stressed while doing it.

Sadly, many people have joined the “I don’t do mornings” club, and have adopted the belief that they are just not meant to be “a morning person,” but even being a morning person is a choice.

Thomas Jefferson once said “the sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years,” and I can’t really imagine that a person just didn’t feel cold, achy, or simply lazy at least once in fifty years. No siree, I am convinced that many days he wanted to stay in the cozy bed, mingling with Morpheus, but instead, he decided to get up and face the day.

So, with that being said, it’s not just about waking up, but waking up with purpose. We’ve been doing a few things that have dramatically improved my life, and they are so tiny, yet so powerful:

  1. Going to bed earlier (which will turn into having a bed time once Lil Pige allows lol)
  2. Turn off the Wi-Fi signal before going to bed.
  3. Keep my phone far far far away from my bed as possible.

These seem so simple that they may not even make sense, but the best thing you can do to set up your day to achieve your daily goals (and eventually, your longer term goals) is to NOT check your e-mail, your Facebook feed, or anything else that you can put you in reactive mode.

Being proactive about your day is waking up early and have an hour to nurture your mind, your body, and your spirit, so that you are energized for the day ahead. Of course, since we are different, this may look differently for each of us, but here’s what I plan to do with my “extra” time:

I will nurture my spirit by praying, meditating, visualizing, and reciting positive affirmations. I’ll review my long term dreams and goals, and my Top 5 Passions, so I can make choices throughout the day that can keep me on the right course. I will nurture my spirit by following a gratitude practice that includes writing on my gratitude journal, choosing one specific thing I am grateful for each day, because there is just so much to be grateful for!

I will nurture my body by doing some sort of movement. I plan to do more yoga, although I haven’t quite figured out what “more” means, so my commitment is that I will do stretches of some sort, and I will actually shower first thing in the morning, because to a mom, being able to take a real and uninterrupted shower is one of the biggest wins we can experience. I’m also going to nurture my body by telling each part of it “I love you,” because hey, many people are not blessed to have these parts.

I will nurture my mind by reading Scriptures and uplifting books. I am doing a 365 days of TED Talks challenge, because I love learning and I love people, and I love to learn from other storytellers… they become my best friends, without me having to even leave the room (bathroom – in most cases lol). I will nurture my mind by planning my day, choosing three things (or less) to make up my priority list, setting my day for success.

Does this sound like a lot? I am planning to take an hour to do this, but it can actually be done in less time, because it will be quiet, alone, and peaceful… and it will be mine. Just thinking about that makes me want to skip and leap!

Having a morning ritual has proven to help people feel more satisfied with life, become more productive, and enjoy greater sense of personal joy and success. Breaking your hour down into measurable little blocks dedicated to predictable activities that you’ve chosen consciously and are committed to is probably the best gift you can give yourself… and your family.

If you’re reading this thinking it sounds good, but you don’t know if you’re quite capable of such feat, you’ll be happy to know that EVERYONE can become a morning person. It’s all about changing your “morning story.”

Each day is a mini-lifetime and when you realize the impact mornings have on your day, you wake up with gratitude, energy, and purpose, ready to create your life. Sleeping in or “waking up at the last possible minute,” hitting snooze to send your brain messages that you are a procrastinator, is too costly, and I don’t want to lose what’s at stake.

So here’s the best way to become a morning person: be a scrooge!  🙂 Realize every single day, when you wake up, that you have a choice today to move on from your past, and to create your future… and act accordingly. Your alarm, your feet on the ground, or the light switch can all be your anchor to remind you of this, if you practice consistently.

And one more thing: they say it takes 21 consecutive days to make a habit. I think it’s a great theory, but don’t wait that long to celebrate! Celebrate yourself every time you make progress toward your goal, because it feels great and it really helps to want to do it again.

I know this coming year is going to be THE BEST YEAR EVER, because by committing to rising earlier every day and dedicating one hour to nurture myself is going to help me achieve the goals I desire to achieve, and I’ll also be able to attract even greater things I can’t even imagine.

What goals are you setting for the year to come? I am looking forward to hearing about your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals!

Elayna Fernandez - Author - 
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26 thoughts on “The Only Goal You Need To Set For The New Year

  1. Becoming a morning person really does make a difference in reaching other goals. Having that early morning time to myself helps me get prepared for the day and my daily goals are a lot more likely to get accomplished.

  2. My goals for this year include being more confident when I take to the stage in the 2016 figure bodybuilding competition season. Oh, and to be able to do 5 unassisted pull ups by the end of 2016.

  3. Wow this is total confirmation!! Thank you for sharing! When I think about all of the things I want to accomplish, I always say that Im gonna start getting up earlier so that I can have “me time”. Whether its exercise, meditate, make a healthy breakfast, you name it. I have yet to accomplish the things that mean the most to me. It all starts with this one goal!! The rest will happen organically.

  4. I didn’t set any specific goals this year. I would like to eat a bit healthier, but if it happens it happens 🙂

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