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The 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons For Your Business Success

Guerrilla Marketing is the art of achieving conventional marketing goals in unconventional ways, with ZERO or very little money invested. That’s my type of marketing.

When I started my business, I had ZERO money to invest. As a matter of fact, saying I had a negative amount would be more accurate. I was a single mom and worked a lot of hours on top of caring for two toddlers full time.

It’s been 10 years, and while many things have changed, I’m still a momPRAYneur and I still go back to my 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons list to market my business. There are so many new tools available today, but sometimes it really helps to go back to the basics!

the 200 guerrilla marketing weapons

The original list of the 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons is a reference of the many ways you can market your business for little or no money.  The brilliant Jay Conrad Levinson, my mentor and friend, used to teach these at his 3-day intensive workshops, where I had the privilege to teach right along him, after I became a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer.

Some of the Guerrilla Marketing Weapons apply and some won’t, but you’ll get lots of ideas, and with today’s technology, these are easier to tackle than ever. Oh, and some may sound obsolete, but may surprise you!

Mini Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

The first category is mini-media – very traditional and some still very effective.

  1.   Marketing plan
  2.   Marketing calendar
  3.   Identity
  4.   Business cards
  5.   Stationery
  6.   Personal letters
  7.  Telephone marketing
  8.  Toll-free number
  9. Vanity phone number
  10. Yellow pages / directories
  11. Postcards
  12. Postcard decks
  13. Classified ads
  14. Per order and per inquiry advertising
  15. Free ads in shoppers
  16. Circulars and fliers
  17. Community bulletin boards
  18. Movie ads
  19. Outside signs
  20. Street banners
  21. Window display
  22. Inside signs
  23. Posters
  24. Canvassing
  25. Door hangers
  26. Elevator pitch
  27. Value story
  28. Backend sales
  29. Letters of recommendation
  30. Attendance at trade shows

Maxi-Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

Maxi-media is costly traditional media and you can find creative ways to take advantage of its effectiveness without breaking the bank.

  1. Advertising
  2. Direct mail
  3. Newspaper ads
  4. Radio spots
  5. Magazine ads
  6. Billboards
  7. Television commercials

E-Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

Guerrilla Marketing dates back to 1984, so many of the e-media weapons were added on as they came along. I’m sure you can think of some more – so please feel free to chime in!

  1.     Computer
  2.     Printer or fax machine
  3.     Chat rooms
  4.     Forums
  5.     Internet bulletin boards
  6.     List building
  7.     Personalized email
  8.     Email signature
  9.     Autoresponders
  10.     Bulk email
  11.     Audio and video postcards
  12.     Domain name
  13.     Website
  14.     Landing page
  15.     Merchant account
  16.     Shopping cart
  17.     Auto-responders
  18.     Search engine ranking
  19.     Electronic brochures
  20.     RSS feeds
  21.     Blog posts
  22.     Podcasting
  23.     Own ezine
  24.     Ads in other ezines
  25.     Ebooks
  26.     Provide content
  27.  Produce webinars
  28.  Joint ventures
  29.  Word-of-mouse
  30.  Viral marketing
  31.  Ebay and auction sites
  32.  Click analyzers
  33.  Pay-per-click ads
  34.  Search engine keywords
  35.  Google adwords
  36.  Sponsored links
  37.  Reciprocal link exchanges
  38.  Banner
  39.  Web conversion rate

Info-Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

Some of the information-only media are old. Some are new.  All are capable of turning a business around.

  1.  Knowledge of your market
  2.   Research studies
  3.  Specific customer data
  4.  Case studies
  5.  Sharing
  6.  Brochures
  7.  Catalogs
  8.  Webinars
  9.  Public service announcements
  10.  Publish a newsletter
  11.  Speeches
  12.  Free consultations
  13.  Free demonstrations
  14.  Free seminars
  15.  Articles
  16.  Columns
  17.  Author a book
  18.  Publishing-on-demand
  19.  Workshops
  20.  Teleseminars
  21.   Video / Infomercial
  22.  Constant learning

Human Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

The marketing weapons that are about YOU are far too powerful to be overlooked. Here’s a glimpse:

  1.  Marketing insight
  2.  Yourself
  3.  Your employees and reps [team]
  4.  A designated guerrilla
  5.  Employee attire
  6.  Your social demeanor
  7.  Target audience
  8.  Your circle of influence
  9.  Contact time with customers
  10.  How you say Hello and Goodbye
  11.  Teaching ability
  12.  Stories
  13.  Sales training
  14.  Use of downtime
  15.  Networking
  16.   Professional title
  17.  Affiliate marketing
  18.  Media contacts
  19.  “A”  List customers
  20.  Core story
  21.  Sense of urgency
  22.  Limited time or quantity offer
  23.  Call to action
  24.  Satisfied customers

Non-Media Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

This category can make substantial contributions to your profits because they can help you leverage the power of your business:

  1.  Benefits list
  2.  Competitive advantages
  3.  Gifts
  4.  Service
  5.  Public relations
  6.  Fusion marketing
  7.  Barter
  8.  Word-of-mouth
  9.  Buzz
  10.  Community involvement
  11.  Club and association memberships
  12.  Free directory listings
  13.  Trade show booth
  14.  Special events
  15.  Name tag at events
  16.  Luxury box at events
  17.  Gift certificates
  18.  Audio-visual aids
  19.  Flipcharts
  20.  Reprints and blowups
  21.  Coupons
  22.  Free trial offer
  23.  Guarantee
  24.  Contests and sweepstakes
  25.  Baking or crafts ability
  26.  Lead buying
  27.  Follow-up
  28.  Tracking plan
  29.  Marketing-on-hold
  30.  Branded entertainment
  31.  Product placement
  32.  Radio talk show guest
  33.  TV talk show guest
  34.  Subliminal marketing

Company Attributes as Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

People are naturally attracted to companies that demonstrate specific attributes, and as we develop those attributes, our success will grow!

  1.  Proper view of marketing
  2.  Brand name awareness
  3.  Intelligent positioning
  4.  Name
  5.  Meme
  6.  Theme line
  7.  Writing ability
  8.  Copywriting ability
  9.  Headline copy talent
  10.  Location
  11.  Hours of operation
  12.  Days of operation
  13.  Credit cards accepted
  14.  Financing available
  15.  Credibility
  16.  Reputation
  17.  Efficiency
  18.  Quality
  19.  Service
  20.  Selection
  21.  Price
  22.  Opportunities to upgrade
  23.  Referral program
  24.  Spying
  25.  Testimonials
  26.  Extra value
  27.  Adopting a noble cause

Company Attitudes as Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

The company attributes are about your company, while the company attitudes are about your mind, and they can make a world of difference:

  1.  Easy to do business with
  2.  Honest interest in people
  3.  Telephone demeanor
  4.  Passion and enthusiasm
  5.  Sensitivity
  6.  Patience
  7.  Flexibility
  8.  Generosity
  9.  Self-confidence
  10.  Neatness
  11.  Aggressiveness
  12.  Competitiveness
  13.  High energy
  14.  Speed
  15.  Maintains focus
  16.  Attention to details
  17.  Takes action

Your turn to express yourself at The Positive Mom blog

  • What Guerrilla Marketing weapons do you use?
  • Which Guerrilla Marketing weapons would you not use or are not relevant to your business?
  • What Guerrilla Marketing weapons would you add to the list? Periscope, Snapchat?

I’d love to hear from you! And be sure to connect with me if you are stuck or simply need a little more guidance, accountability, and support. I’d love to be your success guide in your mompreneur journey.


“Character is what one is; Reputation is what one is thought to be; Integrity is when the one is in alignment with the other.” ~Elayna Fernandez~
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Elyssa Fernandez

Tuesday 25th of June 2019

I haven't even HAD a marketing plan in a while, and I was confused on where to start, but choosing some of these to work on is going to be a great way to get a clear plan. The first thing I want to implement is having a marketing calendar, consistency is very important to me.

Christine Goulbourne

Monday 24th of June 2019

I definitely need to revisit my marketing plan and add many of what I found to be enlightening in this post. Thank you - there were so many listed that I hadn't thought of.

Patty Moliterno

Monday 24th of June 2019

What an outstanding list. I never realized all the ways you could truly market your business. Thanks for taking the time to make this post.


Wednesday 27th of June 2018

Oh wow, what a long list. I never thought so many ways of marketing existed. And I would never imagine company attributes and attitudes would be considered part of marketing weapons, very interesting.