How To Get Unstuck And Make A Positive Change

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“People don’t like change.”
“People resist change.”
“People hate change.”

I hear these statements all the time and I don’t buy into them. I want to get unstuck and create positive change in my life. Don’t you? I think every human in the planet does.

How To Get Unstuck And Make A Positive Change

When I think about where I am versus where I am headed, I get a thrill just imagining my destination.

I have my vision written down, I recite daily positive affirmations, and a vision board. I have described my ideal life and outlined my Top 5 Passions, and they don’t scare me, they excite me.

I want to change. You want to change. We all want to change.

We want to be healthier, have more focus, enjoy more energy.
We want to be more connected in our relationships.
We want meaningful experiences that bring us joy.
We want more peace and happiness.
We want to be better moms.
We want to make a difference.
We want to become our very best as women, as humans.

Why don’t we actually change?

We get stuck. We hit an invisible wall of emotional obstacles that halts our progress toward that desired positive change we crave in our lives.

You know that feeling, right?

You get stuck in a rut and nothing seems to be working. You can’t seem to break the behavioral patterns you are used to in your comfort zone. We do try, but there is so much resistance, resulting in poor follow through.

What I think is that we say we are afraid of change, but what really terrifies us is the transition. And so, we get stuck where we are, even as we know where we could go is so much better, even as we know it’s where we are really meant to be, even as we are certain that it is our life purpose, because we don’t have faith that we’ll survive “the middle.

When you think of making a change, do you feel that:

…you may lose something you like, enjoy, or love?
you would feel overwhelmed and would not be able to withstand the pressure?
anxiety starts to rise up?
you may not live up to the task and end up feeling like a loser?
maybe the fact that you’ve procrastinated this long means the change is not meant for you anyway?

Me too!

It’s that yucky middle that scares us and paralyzes us, because it is unknown. We don’t know what will happen in the middle or how to handle it… so we stay in the known danger zone, where we feel a false sense of safety that is familiar and where we’re complacent.

So how do we get unstuck and make a change?

There seem to be a lot of pieces of sage advice out there on just how to do that. Wise words like

  • start small
  • make a to-do list
  • find an accountability partner
  • think of your why
  • be patient and persistent
  • believe in yourself
  • celebrate your wins

You’ve probably heard these hundreds of times, even from me. However, I also know there is more. And here’s why I have a coaching practice and I love to mentor moms: these phrases, while practical, can get frustrating because one size does not fit all when it comes to rewiring your brain to create behavioral change. Deep, lasting, real transformation requires a custom plan.

And as a teacher, I value learning, so last week, I enrolled in the Unstuck Life Courses platform, as a student of their first online course “Making a Change,” which promised to equip me with a personalized blueprint for change.

Making A Change - Unstuck Life Courses #Unstuck #ad

I was excited… and intrigued, especially since each session is bite-sized (takes only about 20 minutes to complete), and the course, while self-paced, could be completed over a four-day period with a recommended day off for reflection. A dream come true for a busy mom who loves personal growth and strives for self-mastery.

I really enjoyed the variety of content: rather than your typical video-based lecture, it geared to all learning styles, including inspiring videos sharing stories I could relate to, insightful exercises, audio clips, and downloadable worksheets you can work on offline – with ink! Now that I’ve completed the course, I get follow-up e-mails with advice and encouragement, too, which is a refreshing feature.

Getting clear about your change - Unstuck Life Courses worksheet

Making a Change is assembled in four engaging parts that build on one another and provide user-specific content.

A self awareness piece called “What’s stopping you?
A purpose component titled “Clarity will guide you.”
A motivation element called “Belief trumps risk.”
And a personalized action plan named “A system keeps you going.

I really loved taking this Life Course. My favorite part was really understanding the traps that threaten to flatline my very own personal progress in the path of transformation. This Life Course was a short, yet powerful journey of self-discovery, and the insight I gained was of immeasurable value to me.

I know I have accomplished much in my life and I’m proud of those achievements, and I’m sure you are of your own. Yet even though we are capable, disciplined, and put forth the best intentions and efforts to change, our insecurities start creeping up, and we sabotage ourselves. We freeze and don’t make any progress… and Progress IS Success

You want change.
You are meant to change.
You can change.

But you may be afraid. You may be disappointed. You may be unclear. Or it all might be your own judgment of your relationship with change.

Releasing your judgment around change - Unstuck Life Courses

And it’s time to get to the heart of what’s holding you back from getting past the fear, the discomfort, and other hidden barriers that prevent you from transforming into your creative, joyful, fulfilled Self – your authentic Self!

I’m excited to have found this new method of learning and to share it with you. And I almost forgot to tell you about the awesome quotes! Read the video screenshot for one of my faves!

Change is about flexibility, not perfection. Unstuck Life Courses

I believe every mom must invest in her self-mastery, because that’s how you break through procrastination, empty habits, negative thinking, limitation, anxiety, guilt, regret, and discontent. That’s how you make change. And as you make positive changes in your life, you are impacting your children, and perhaps breaking cycles and generational curses.

As you continue to make changes, you will not achieve perfection, but the more intentional you become, the grander your destiny, and your legacy. Now that’s worth some change!

Are you thinking about making a change? Let us know what you think may be keeping you stuck and how you plan to get unstuck and move into mindfully creating new, empowering behaviors and habits.

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14 thoughts on “How To Get Unstuck And Make A Positive Change

  1. Nice post! considering my messed up mind, and overflowing ideas I can never get into a “schedule” or finish anything I ever started really… I constantly change everything in my life so I never got actually stuck.

  2. I like the idea of starting small and making a to-do list. I sometimes try to go big just to get out of that rut, then I end of digging myself even further into that hole.

  3. It’s tough to feel stuck and it would be nice to get a little nudge out the door and finally make the change you’ve been wanting for a long time. I think this is awesome and it’s going to help a lot of people too.

  4. Sometimes we are just content with staying within our comfort zone, but wishing things were a lot better. Making changes will always be difficult but if it would bring good things, then we must work to “unstuck” ourselves. Love this post. Thanks for sharing Elayna.

  5. Mostly I’m just afraid of change. It’s easier to be in your comfort zone. But where’s the fullfillment in that, right? Great post. Makes you rethink your life.

  6. Starting small is the best way to achieve a goal even if it is in getting healthier. Smaller goals are more attainable and then as you adapt to small changes you can add more until you reach that goal

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