How To Choose Your Word Of The Year

With the start of a new year, it’s almost inevitable to feel excited for the future, while reflecting upon the year we leave behind. It’s a great time to ask ourselves:

  1. What worked well?
  2. What can we do differently?
  3. What do I most want to create in my life?

These questions allow us to learn from the past without beating ourselves up, with gratitude for all that has been learned, then quickly shift our focus to creating and designing our very own life blueprint, which is so empowering.

For a few years, I have made it a tradition to invest time with my family in which we chart the course for the 365 days ahead. One of our favorite practices is to each select a single word that sums up how we want to be and live, and that will serve as a visible compass to intentionally guide our daily paths.

How to choose your word of the year | Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

Last year, my word was Holiness, and it set the tone for all my intentions. This year, I prayerfully chose the word Commitment.

The word commitment communicates an intense intention that is followed by an action plan. For me, being committed describes the mindset I need with regard to the processes I must be willing to follow in order to unlock my divine potential.

What does it mean to be Committed?

  1. Commitment means stick-to-it-iveness, not giving up
  2. Commitment means a no-excuses mentality
  3. Commitment means having the Courage to do what is required
  4. Commitment means loyalty and dependability
  5. Commitment means steadfastness
  6. Commitment means completion and no procrastination
  7. Commitment means consistent progress, rather than unachievable perfection

What Am I Committed To?

As I vow to increase my level of commitment to what matters most to me, I made sure to choose my top 5 priorities to set myself up for success and avoid overwhelm:
  1. My faith ~ my covenants with my Lord and Savior
  2. Myself ~ my pledge to nurture my own needs
  3. My marriage ~ my vows to be a faithful, loving, and supportive partner
  4. My children ~ my responsibility to teach, protect, and nurture my children
  5. My calling ~ my sacred duty to bless others with my God-given gifts

Yes, I realize these are ambitious aspirations. I believe in thinking, dreaming, and living big, yet I also believe in grace. I know I won’t have a perfect score at any of this and that’s why I decided in advance that it is okay to scrape my knees in the process. It’s the getting back up and forgiving myself that matters… and that, in fact, it may just be the best part of the plan!

If you want to choose a word of the year, you can:

  1. Examine your core values to get clear on what is truly and deeply most important to you. A quick to get an idea of your values is to think of what you admire in others, what you wish to become, or what you wish on the people you love. 
  2. Pray, meditate, and ponder which word on the list aligns with what God intends for you this year. You’ll just know ~ don’t second guess your intuition, even when your word may not “sound like you” or be so obvious. Honestly, the word chooses you more than you choose the word.
  3. Define exactly what your word of the year means to you in the current season of life you’re in and for each area of the life you are designing. You don’t want to choose someone else’s word or one that was suggested to you, and you get to choose what your word means to you, too, on your own terms.

Declare how you will apply it to your life experience. In my case, I’m declaring that I’ll will be fully committed in all areas of my life.

Some of the words my mom mentees have chosen this year are: trust, fearless, rise, present, compassion, brave, expand, conquer, relief, freedom, simplify, nourish, listen, impact, empowered, joy, progress, vigilant, supported, prosper, love, peace, patience, confident, consistency, influence, delight, release, build, energy, liberation, bold, transcend, thrive, calm, goals, heard, enough, action, discipline, surrender, tenfold, vulnerability, momentum, order, legacy, balance, learn, motivated, purpose, transformation, time, circle, abundance, connected, grace, positivity, hope, intentional, soar, do, vibrant, mindfulness, focus, ponder, determined, do, worth, grit, illuminate, endure, seen, fierce, clarity, breathe, surrender, authenticity, execute, drive, growth, believe, grateful, nurture, explore, be… 

You may notice that some of these are nouns, some are adjectives or quality words, while some of these are action words (verbs), and some are in past tense. There is no set rule for what your word will look like, as long as it feels right to you and it is a high frequency word that invites positive vibration. Here are some examples on applying these in real life choices:

  • Asking “Will I feel supported if I go in this direction?” 
  • Reflecting “How can I be more intentional in my conversations today?”
  • Repeating a personal mantra “Choose to believe!” 
  • Deciding “this is contributing to my growth.”
  • Adopting the identity of the word “I am worth it”

Your one word or word of the year will guide, focus, and anchor your thoughts and influence your choices. It will help you become the mom, woman, and being God created you to be, and therefore, this alignment with your purpose will bring you fulfillment.

I always choose a verse from the Scriptures that adds clarity to my word of the year. Some people prefer to reverse the process. Do what works for you!

This year, my verse is Psalm 37:5:

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.” ~ KJV

I just love how one simple word and one short verse can give you access to so much direction for each of my steps toward the life I want.

Make sure you find a way to have reminders of what your word is, whether it is a visual print out or a daily phone reminder. You may also share it with the people in your life who support the path you’re on, so they can provide accountability.

Your turn to express yourself at The Positive Mom blog

What is your word or phrase of the year? I am so excited to learn more about the new journey you’re embarking on, so please share it. Happy New Year, love!
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48 thoughts on “How To Choose Your Word Of The Year

  1. I haven’t thought about my goals in one word but I think it would be “persistence” continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition….because I know I gave in just too easy on somethings last year.

  2. Those are all great things to be committed to! I think my word should be forgiveness. I need to learn to forgive, truly forgive, those that have hurt me and my family. Forgiveness is not for them, but for myself. I do not need to continue to hold unforgiveness in my heart.

  3. I think that commitment is a very strong word but is a great lesson to teach to young ones. When you commit to something, you can’t just quit or give up no matter what. So persevering could be a second part of your lesson once you have shown that you and your family are committed to something 🙂

  4. This is an awesome idea to have a word for you New Year. I love your word indeed and it is also mine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I often ask myself am I the chicken or the pig? The chicken is involved but the pig is committed when it comes to breakfast! Commitment is a strong word but not everyone knows what it really means. It means not easily discouraged. It means perseverance and fortitude. It means you don’t give up & will do whatever it takes because you are committed. You picked a good word.

  6. Commitment is a great word! I’m not sure if I really have a word or phrase of the year… maybe hope. I have a lot of hope that I’ll reach some major health and financial goals this year.

  7. You really make me want to have a word of the year and now my brain is spinning trying to think of what it should be. I love your word but I think in my case, organized would be more appropriate as that is what I am seeking to do this year. Get organized.

  8. I haven’t even thought to think of a word or a phrase for the year, since I didn’t know people did this. But I love yours and I think I’d pick something like patience. I also love how you put your faith as numero uno. I do too 🙂

  9. That is a good word choice. I don’t pick words of the year – actually I had never heard of anyone doing this until this year, but it seems like everyone is doing it.

  10. My word is healing this year after last year’s events. I love yours – my husband needs to procrastinate less, I might recommend your word to him! 😉

  11. Great tips on how to select your word. I love the idea of looking to others you admire and wish to emulate, people who have achieved what I am wanting to achieve for myself. I’m finding so much struggle with the idea of selecting a word, but I do love the idea. I also love the idea of choosing what that word means to you. Perhaps I’ll give it another go.

  12. I love this! A word instead of an actual resolution is great. I think I would say my world of the year is determined. I’m determined to eat healthier and exercise more often. I’m also wanting to take more trips with my children if possible this year. I even have a lot of plans with my blog.

  13. I have to say I want my word to be two words: inside voice. I have a tendency to give my opinion freely and I think sometimes, I just need to be silent and to listen more. So that is what I am going to work towards.

  14. I am definitely committed to helping my family through rough times. I have many goals for myself this year and I am hoping to surpass it.

  15. Commitment is a great word to embrace for 2015 as it effects so many areas of life. My word for 2015 is positivity 🙂

  16. I always thought picking a world for the year would be fun! I could never pull it off though… I would forget after Afew days 😉

  17. I never thought of a word to live by for this year, but it’s a wonderful concept, and I love the word that you chose. I guess my word will have to be faith. 🙂

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  19. My word of the year is ABUNDANCE. And my phrase is this: I’m aligning with my inner bounty and opening up to attract abundance to all areas of my life: love, joy, peace, health and wealth. I will also be a source of abundance to those around me; I’ll be generous in sharing the gifts I’m given. Thank you for sharing your tips on how to choose my word, they came in handy. 🙂

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  21. I love the approach of choosing a word to focus on during a year. It´s powerful and at the same time it´s easy to remember and keep in mind daily. While I was reading the post the first word that came to my mind was commitment, so I choose it as my WORD OF THE YEAR 2017.

    Since I already identified my top 5 passions, the natural step to me is to commit myself to make progress in each area of my life, as the foundations to fulfill my passions:

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