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The 12 Traits Of A Successful Mompreneur

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of my mompreneur journey was to meet Jay Conrad Levinson and subsequently, be personally mentored by him, and even teach at his Marketing Intensive in his own home. I miss Jay, and it makes my heart sing that I can carry out the legacy of what he created to empower other people.

Like most people who create abundance in all areas of their lives, Jay believed that your attitude and personality traits help your strategies work.

Whenever Jay talked about Guerrilla Marketing, he made sure you understood that the difference between those that succeed in business and marketing and those that don’t does not lie in what they do, but in who they are. The entire concept he created is based on the fact that some of us are “guerrillas” and embody the guerrilla mentality.

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There are 12 common traits to guerrillas, successful people, successful mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs), and what I love most is that each of us were created equal, and are born with the potential to develop these qualities. As we grow in each of these aspects, we become more wealthy, successful, and more balanced in our lives: we can experience the prosperity we are meant enjoy in this life.

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Everything you need to be successful is already in and within you. It’s all about placing your focus on what will expand your life in a way that will bring you joy.

The 12 traits of a successful mompreneur and guerrilla marketer

Let’s explore these qualities:

1st Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Patience

A successful mompreneur doesn’t look for  “get-rich-quick” schemes. She knows that it takes time to become an overnight success, and she is willing to wait. According to studies, a message must penetrate the mind of the receiver 9 times to take him or her from apathy to purchase readiness. I think that’s why they say your fortune is in the follow-up.

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2nd Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Imagination

Guerrilla Marketing is the art of being resourceful and creative to pursue your goals. With that being said, imagination gives us a sense of reality as it plays a very important role in doing more with the least effort and investment possible. As moms, we are the queens of the unconventional, and we don’t waste a moment to improvise, so we can use our momness to stand out and position yourself as an expert in your passion.

I remember Jay sitting on his couch as his face lit up sharing the story of someone who instead of sending a mailing in an envelope with one $.44 stamp on it, actually used 14 stamps that equaled $.44 total. He then chuckled, paused, looked around his living room and asked us in his sweet, low, grandfatherly voice: “Do you think this made him stand out when people received mail from him? It didn’t cost him anything, yet it made all the difference for him.” The difference was truly outrageous (like old Jem would say) since the average response rate was 2% and it increased by 20% just with this little trick. I miss Jay!

3rd Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Sensitivity

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are sensitive to the marketplace,  to the season or time, to the location or place, to the customer or reader, to the economy, and to the competition. They understand that some of the best marketing weapons they can use are free and already built-in – like their ears! Being a good listener, and observing, noticing everything around you gives you an edge and a big advantage.

4th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Ego Strength

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers don’t listen to naysayers and ignore the haters. They are constantly examining themselves and looking to improve; however, they face harsh criticism and well-intention-ed suggestions that are not align with their passions with a “thank you” and then move on with confidence toward the path they are determined going to. Having a strong ego is not arrogance, it means having a grounded sense of self and the clarity to know that the best people, yes, even those we love and like, can offer the worst possible advice at times, and it’s okay (and actually necessary) to say NO even when this may not be entirely well-received by others.

5th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Agressiveness

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are driven, determined, and persistent. They keep insisting and then do it some more. They invest their time and energy in using Guerrilla Marketing Weapons that will produce Credibility, Visibility, and Profitability. They also invest in themselves and in their dreams. The average business invests about 4% of gross revenues in marketing, but you are NOT average.

6th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Embrace Change

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are willing to experiment and to change in order to improve. They are open to modifying their behaviors, beliefs and attitudes after gaining compelling understanding that debunks myths or disputes previous notions. I know for a fact that early adopters and people who choose to embrace technology as an ally increase their odds to success. Like my dad likes to say “the only constant is change.”

7th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Generosity

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers got in the game to serve. They are driven by a generous spirit and are happy to share, give, and go the extra mile. They want to educate and empower others to live a better life and achieve what they are looking for. They are go-givers! As moms, we are nurturers and we love to take care of people, so we are ahead in this area.

8th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Energy

Energy is a precious commodity as a mom, and it’s very easy to say “I’m too tired” or “I have a Cinderella sized to-do list” or “I haven’t slept in days! (or weeks!)”… because it’s all true. However, this energy comes from our passion to live in our purpose, to serve others, to share our talents, and leave a legacy. As a successful mompreneur and guerrilla marketer, you are willing to put in the work that’s required and do it with a good attitude and enthusiasm.

9th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Constant Learning

Successful Mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are always investing in their personal growth or, as Stephen Covey called it, “sharpening the saw.It is easier than ever to become stale and obsolete, so it has become more necessary to hone your skills and upgrade your expertise. This is one trait I’m boldly going to claim because I love to learn probably as much as I love to breathe. Learning is one of the activities that most fuel me and strengthens me and I love that leaders are learners and learners are leaders, too.

10th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ People Person

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are people people. A success seeker likes people and have pleasant personalities. They are fascinated to learn other people’s stories and they love to share their own. They love to connect and create conversation and community because marketing is all about people. Jay always said that a guerrilla masters the art of asking fascinating questions and listening intently to the answers. I am sure you also have seen how relationships are the foundation to success, because effective partnerships are key to getting what you want in any area of your life.

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11th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Maintain Focus

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers don’t get sidetracked and distracted (well, they quickly come out of it if they do – no one is perfect!). It’s necessary to keep your eyes on the goal and to just keep moving. I always say that success spells F.O.C.U.S. = follow one course until successful.

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12th Personality Trait Of A Successful Mompreneur ~ Take Action

Successful mompreneurs and guerrilla marketers are action takers. They discipline themselves to take inspired action, and their passion and determination allows them to dissolve procrastination. As a true sports fan, Jay always said “marketing is not a spectator sport.”

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The thing about action is that when you are so determined to inspire others to transform, you really have no room for inaction because you are excited to do what you love and you love doing it.

Are you a Successful Mompreneur?

Many mompreneurs put forth great effort into growing their business and finding work-life balance. They study and implement marketing strategies and tactics. They use social media, mobile marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, and a lot more, and they don’t seem to get the same results other get with the same or less investment.

By cultivating the twelve traits that are common to all successful entrepreneurs, you can achieve the results you want in unconventional ways and in record time.

Remember, the 12 personality traits of a successful mompreneur are: patience, imagination, aggressiveness, sensitivity, ego strength, embrace change, generosity, energetic, constant learners, love people, maintain focus, and are action oriented.

Isn’t it amazing that Jay’s wisdom outlives him? That’s the beauty of creating a lasting legacy; it’s the enlightened entrepreneur path that we can follow as mom as we pursue a balanced life: more time freedom, stronger family ties, care for the community and environment, and creative stimulation. That is the recipe to achieving emotional and financial success, or what Jay called The Way of the Guerrilla.

According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneur “is a term applied to a person who is willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome”

Successful mompreneurs contribute to a more prosperous country – and world! Your weapons as an entrepreneur to propelling your businesses ( and, in turn, the economy) include being: disciplined, confident, a lifelong learner, self-starter, competitive, creative, social, teachable/trainable, passionate, and generous.

Entrepreneurs can and will rebuild our economy. You are the backbone of this country and everything you do is supporting a legacy of abundance, not only in financial prosperity but in quality of life and the attitude of those you love and care for will dramatically improve and continue to do so over time.

Are you ready to follow the Guerrilla Marketing way to becoming a successful mompreneur? What do you think of the personality traits required for success? I am looking forward to hearing from you!



Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Wow! I feel I am growing into all of these traits, but what’s missing is a bit of balance between them all!


Wednesday 20th of June 2018

I honestly have most of the traits for a mompreneurship but I definitely have some to work more than others such a Maintain Focus.


Tuesday 12th of June 2018

Great traits that we all need to work on everyday. I am proud to say I own some of the traits, but also which ones I need to work on, one of them being patience!


Tuesday 12th of June 2018

Great traits that we all need to work on everyday. I am proud to say I own some of the traits, but also which ones I need to work on, one of them being patience, ahh!! :)

Dania Santana

Wednesday 29th of March 2017

I'm glad to see that there are several of these traits I already have, and to identify those that I'm lacking or need to improve. I like the "your fortune is in your follow up" phrase. I've failed to follow up several times and have things die there just because I didn't follow up and pursue it consistently. Definitely something I'm going to work on, as some other of these traits.