This Powerful Daily Ritual Will Make You A Better Mom

Every mom wants to be a good mom, and every good mom wants to be better. And I think the hardest part about being a mom is coming to terms that “being good at it” doesn’t come automatically, doesn’t mean what we thought it, and doesn’t look like other people think it does.

Motherhood has been a journey of discovering time and time again that being a mom is not something I do separately from who I am. In order to be a good mom or a better mom, I must be a “good me” and a “better me,” and I get to define what that means.

My inner bully wants to convince me that I’ll have time for me LATER, that I’ll live my dreams SOMEDAY, that I’ll do it my way SOON… that I’m being selfish, impatient, and irreverent – or even a traitor! – to the way it’s been done before and expected of me.

However, based on my own life experience and the feedback of hundreds of moms I’ve mentored over the years, I am certain that being a better mom starts with acknowledging and addressing your needs first.

Needs are very individual and look differently for everyone, but there is one need we all share: the need to be loved.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”  ~ Matthew 22: 39

The second greatest commandment teaches us that we can love others to the extent that we love ourselves. This couldn’t be truer in motherhood.

Have you noticed that those days in which you feel more depleted, depressed, and deprived are the days you just can’t hold it together?

I’ve learned this the hard way. I think of times when I yelled at the kids for something I normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, simply because of pressure, stress, and exhaustion. The word “simply” is bothering me on my last sentence because I don’t want to minimize and invalidate what I was feeling.

So the good news is I’ve found a way I can be a better mom that is free, I don’t have to leave the house to do, and doesn’t take a long time… and the results are guaranteed to impact your life positively. No, it’s not a magic potion… but it does require that you believe in the magic of it – which is normally the hang up for most people.

This powerful daily ritual will make you a better mom!

What is this powerful daily ritual that will make you a better mom guaranteed?

It’s called The Mirror Exercise, and it is a process in which you talk to yourself in the mirror every night before bed and acknowledge what you accomplished.

Yes, it sounds a little or a lot weird, but if you think about it, at the end of the day, most moms are assessing whether they completed their Cinderella-long to-do list, feeling like a failure and dreading the next day – because tomorrow’s list just got longer… and more difficult to check off.

I learned The Mirror Exercise from my mentor, Jack Canfield, while I was studying to be certified as a Trainer for The Success Principles. I’m sure you know Jack Canfield because of his monumental success writing the mega-popular “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series (aff), and if you already own a copy of The Success Principles book (aff), you can find The Mirror Exercise instructions as part as the Success Principle #26 .

My mentor - Jack Canfield - The Success Principles

This process is amazing because as humans we don’t give ourselves enough credit, and as moms, not only are we hard on ourselves and beat ourselves but, but we are also target of so much judgment!

Why You Must Do The Mirror Exercise

The reason to do The Mirror Exercise is that we all need acknowledgment and the most important acknowledgment is the acknowledgment we give ourselves. Your subconscious mind needs the positive reinforcement, and whether you want to admit it or not, you need to learn to accept praise and gratitude so you can have the energy and desire to achieve your goals, dreams, and daily aspirations.

How To Do The Mirror Exercise

You’re ready for bed, you’ve washed your face, brushed your teeth, have your pj’s on. You’ve locked the bathroom door to make sure you’re alone and will be undisturbed for the next few minutes. Here’s what you do next:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Look at your reflection in the mirror, directly into your eyes.
  3. Address yourself by name
  4. Reflect on your day and recite out loud several accomplishments you are proud of (big or small). Acknowledge any achievements, disciplines you kept, and temptations you didn’t give into.
  5. Say “I love you!” while you look deep into your eyes. Let the love settle in.

Example of The Mirror Exercise

“Elayna, I want to appreciate you for the following things today:  First, I want to appreciate you for finishing that blog post you wanted to publish and writing it from your heart without editing yourself, so you could heal yourself and the moms you’re called to serve. You also read the Scriptures with the girls, which was a great bonding and faith strengthening experience for all of you. You said “no” and honored your boundaries… Good job! I like that you’ve been more selective with your coaching clients and standing in your worth – thank you for that! Those things you said to your daughters were really nice, and you were patient with your husband even though you didn’t want to be. Hmmm… what else? Oh! You got the workshop testimonials up on the page – it looks good! You’re doing awesome, taking care of yourself and making your self-care a priority… plus you’re doing The Mirror Exercise right now and going to bed at a decent time, without having to pass out exhausted on the couch.  You were wonderful today! And one more thing, Ela… I love you!”

So, it’s really as simple as it sounds: maintain eye contact, appreciate your wins, and say “I love you!”  Really soak it all in and bask in the love and positive energy of the moment.

Because we’re used to looking in the mirror and looking for imperfections or reasons to criticize ourselves harshly, it’s normal to feel silly, uncomfortable, or even embarrassed doing The Mirror Exercise. Many of us weren’t trained to appreciate ourselves, and I particularly thought that only insane people talked to themselves. You may think the people in your life will think you’re stupid or what you’re doing is ridiculous.

While it’s important to honor all the emotions that come up, it’s essential that you then release them and choose this vulnerable moment to see yourself as a lovable, deserving, capable woman you are, in all areas of your life. Keep gazing at yourself with acceptance, love, and compassion, even as you feel awkward, teary, and like all you want to do is turn away from the mirror!

The Mirror Exercise is an intensely powerful self-love exercise, and when you have love you can give love. You know you can’t give water from a dry well!

A more grounded, confident, present and self-assured mom is a better mom. The more you practice being loving, being appreciative, and expressing thanks, the more naturally those attributes will come to you when you need them.

Will you give The Mirror Exercise ritual a shot and incorporate it into your daily routine? It will make you a better mom, because a happier mom is always a better mom! Share your thoughts or questions below.

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25 thoughts on “This Powerful Daily Ritual Will Make You A Better Mom

  1. I’ve never tried this exercise, but I’ve heard others mention before. I think having a daily ritual where you express gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work is a brilliant idea.

  2. It’s not a bad idea at all, it’s empowering to say the least. I think it’s good to stand in front of the mirror and think about all your accomplishments for the day, that’s a great way to stay motivated in achieving your goals!

  3. Having a credits to yourself for all the hard works is such an amazing Idea. I think its important for us to have a compliment and credits for what we’ve done.

  4. The Mirror Exercise I find very interesting indeed. I am going to try this exercise and make it part of my routine. We tend not to praise ourselves and I think we should. Thanks for sharing this ritual idea.

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  6. This is always the part of positive exercises that frightens me the most. The idea of looking myself in the eye and being positive. It is easy to due with others because I know for me when i do i mean it. But to turn the tables on myself adn feel the same way is frightening because i’m not sure I feel positive about myself. this is going to really test me.

  7. Elayna, this is such a beautiful exercise for self-growth. The Mirror Exercise, as Rebecca Bryant says, can be frightening and be challenging to some individuals, myself included. What I love about how you presented the exercise is your example. It’s powerful, as it gives us a real feeling for HOW to express ourselves and it’s funny/lighthearted too. I believe a person will feel more engaged & excited that they can to this too when following the step by step instructions when there is a guide sharing examples to the task. I am going to do this exercise and track in my journal how I feel along the journey. Thank you and I’m proud of you on your service to all of us!!

  8. Can I do this in a closet? HAHA. This sounds promising. A great way to also higher your self-esteem. You’re confronting your inner bully by affirming your soul with powerful positive truths.

    For anyone considering getting Elayna as your coach. Do it! She’s amazing!

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